WITH THEIR debut album 'Shout!', released last year to critical acclaim, appearances on mainstage at Kingston Festival, MAYC Brixton Academy, Metal Meltdown and support slots to Eden Burning, lona and even George Hamilton IV, Bristol-based rock team Mudheads Monkey (MHM) are a steadily growing force.

Mudheads Monkey (MHM)
Mudheads Monkey (MHM)

1. Who are the members of Mudheads Monkey?
"Paul Loader - lead vocals, bass; Matt Sims - guitar, vocals; CJ Starling - drums; Fiona Hunt - flute, piccolo, vocals."

2. Do you do anything in the day?
"PL - Evangelist (schools work, preaching) and a part time domestic engineer; CJ - Customer Service Executive with Group 4 Nightspeed; Fi - Primary school teacher; MS - Conference Consultant"

3. How did the band get that name?
"PL - It was my nickname on a building site when I worked my way through Bible college."

4. What does the band sound like?
"New Model Army, The Levellers and The Jam."

5. How would you sum up 'Shout!' in one sentence?
"PL - The album I always wanted to make - and I'm proud of it."

6. Who produced the album?
"Jez Coad who, as well as being a superb producer, is a member of the Surfing Brides - England's answer to the Spin Doctors."

7. What are your pet hates?
"Queuing, swearing, middle lane drivers, loo roll the wrong way round."

8. Who do you prefer - John Major or Tony Blair?
"I'd go for Paddy Ashdown (PL, CJ and Fi) Joanna Lumley (MS)."

9. Children - love 'em or hate 'em?
"Love 'em both."

10. If you had 30 seconds on your high horse, what would you say?
"Isn't it time that we stopped playing being religious and show Christ's love has the power to change lives, to bring healing and restoration and is the answer to a bleeding world?"

11. How do you prefer to travel - planes, trains or automobiles?
"Definitely automobiles (trains too expensive); Fi -planes; MS - Motorbikes or skis."

12. Who is your Christian role model?
"PL - Steve Chalke and my brother-in-law Mark; CJ -Kriss Akabusi; MS - Jesus Christ."

13. Which Christian American music artist do you like?
"PL -I love the Altar Boys. There are two evils in this world...country and western! CJ - I love Whitecross, White Heart, Petra..."

14. Do you think the X-files are fact or fiction?
"Fiction (CJ - Anorak); I thought it was a documentary (MS)."