WITH THEIR debut album 'Shout!', released last year to critical acclaim, appearances on mainstage at Kingston Festival, MAYC Brixton Academy, Metal Meltdown and support slots to Eden Burning, lona and even George Hamilton IV, Bristol-based rock team Mudheads Monkey (MHM) are a steadily growing force.

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15. How have you embarrassed yourself?
"PL - Apologising that my son couldn't do his maths homework because I couldn't do it myself (long division); CJ - Dressed as a nurse for a bed push; MS - So did I."

16. Denominations - division or diversity?
"Hopefully diversity."

17. Rags or riches?
"As I'm opposed to the lottery it's always going to be rags."

18. Best bargain?
"PL - Altar Boys greatest hits CD (£4 second hand); Fi - Monsoon top for £1.50; CJ - Percy my mini; MS -A flight case that belonged to Racey..."

19. What is the worst item of clothing in your wardrobe?
"Black pin striped suit; Lime green jumper; Bright orange shirt from 1983."

20. Monkey nuts or monkey business?
"We don't take ourselves very seriously but we take what we do extremely seriously."

21. Do you prefer long or short hair?
"PL -1 would love long hair; Fi - Long hair except on Paul."

22. Where was your best gig?
"MAYC Brixton Academy (about 7,000 audience) and first Kingston festival gig."

23. Where was your worst?
"Prince's Trust gig at Western-Super-Mare. We went down like a pork chop at a bar-mitzvah."

24. Why isn't your album in the shops?
"Because Christian record companies can't spell Mudheads Monkey."

25. How can I get hold of it?
"Write to MHM, Counterslip Baptist Church, 648-652 Wells Road, Bristol BS14 9HT. £11.00 CD/£6.00 Cass. Oh, we've also got a free mailing list."

26. Would you like to play Cross Rhythms Festival?
"Love to, if they'll invite us."

27. What do you keep on your dressing table?
"PL - With a wife and daughter there is no room on my dressing table for my things; CJ - Anything that won't fit on the floor; MS - A what table?"

28. For breakfast do you eat cereal or toast?
"Toast (with Daddies Sauce); Cereal; Just an OJ; Coffee."