The worship leader and songwriter from Liverpool talks us through the tracks on his new album

Pete Caulfield
Pete Caulfield

"We Praise, Praise You Lord"
I wrote this song as a lively opener that captures the essential truths of what God has done for us. I felt amazed as I meditated on the Scripture, which says, "He who knew no sin became sin, so that we could become the righteousness of God." It's the incredible hope of forgiveness that God gives us in Jesus. Yes it really is true as the psalmist said, 'As far as the east is from the west, so far have our sins been removed from us.'

"Sovereign God (He Reigns Forever)"
A straight rock song, that very simply declares the sovereignty of our Heavenly Father. We really enjoyed recording this. There have been times when we have been under pressures and spiritual attack, times when I wondered whether this album would ever be released. There have been difficult battles to press through. I'm just so glad that God is sovereign over all and nothing ever surprises him, he is the Alpha and Omega and can see the end from the beginning. Yes, I can really testify that 'He reigns in my heart and he reigns forever.'

"Bring Revival (Rain On Us)'
My wife, Tracey, introduces the song with a reading and heartfelt prayer. Tracey and I are members of Frontline Church. Liverpool, where there is a major emphasis on winning people into God's Kingdom. In the work that I do I have the honour of ministering in churches and fellowships of many different denominational backgrounds. I am also involved with a group of leaders in the North West called Together For The Harvest, whose sole vision is to see the region won for the Lord Jesus Christ. It seems that, irrespective of denominational background, there is a growing, corporate sense of anticipation that God is about to do something special in our nation and these aren't just words we've heard before. This song is an intercession, which calls upon God to pour out his spirit and grace and for him to "Rain On Us". There is an anthem feel particularly during the singing of the phrase "Jesus our Messiah is the Lord." I'm really looking forward to performing this song with a choir. "Bring Revival" lends itself to the worshippers moving into intercession during the song.

"Bring Revival" is dedicated to all our special friends at Frontline Church and indeed many other churches who have faithfully stood with us through the most difficult time of our lives. May God bless each of them.

"As We Gather"
This is a song I wrote early on in my Christian life when I was reading in Hebrews about coming boldly before God's throne of grace. This song was" written with a deep sense of adoration and praise and has always been well received in corporate worship meetings where I've been invited to lead. I love Mike Mulroy's string section instrumental which gives a real 'in his presence" atmosphere. There's something very special about the simplicity of 'being there with God'.

"Turn To Me And Be Saved"
This ministry song voices the heart of God to all people. "I am your God and there is no other" being the first line. I'm delighted with Norman Barratt's production of this song. I can just imagine the words based on Scripture echoing into people's hearts. There are so many people who simply need to hear the words "I AM your God". We live in an age where there are so many gods when all that is needed is the one and only true God, Jesus Christ.

"Psalm 113 Song"
This song is a lively version of the psalm. I have simply used the words of the psalm, slightly adapted by poetic licence. I have been very struck by the sense of God lifting the needy. We all have times in life when we need God to lift us out of the ashes. God certainly has done this in my life for which I will be forever grateful. God has such a heart for the poor and needy, to those in distress and difficulty. God can come right into those situations and that's why the name of the Lord should be praised from the rising of the sun to its setting.

"Old To New"
It's been impressed upon me how God is doing new things in old churches. Churches that had once been full and thriving with new people being added all the time, then went through a period of decline, loss in numbers and some have even closed down. However, churches are now being revived and restored, becoming growing churches reaching the lost. In many cases old buildings have been renovated, symbolising how God renews us on the inside. I love the feel to this song: surprise, surprise, a straight 'in your face' rock song with some great lead guitar from Norman Barratt. I know you'll love the live version!

"Praises Be To The God And Father"
A doxology taken from Ephesians giving praise to God who has blessed us with every blessing in the "heavenly realms. I wrote this during a time when God told me to read Ephesians chapter 1 every day for a specific time period. Everything subsequently expressed in the passage seemed to be embraced in the first few verses of Ephesians 1. It started life sounding a bit country and western. That didn't last long after I played it to Tracey and some friends of ours who were round for the evening. I love the sax work from Cath Dignam and vocal solo from Helen Sorrell.

"THe Fact That You Made Us
In Ephesians it tells us that "we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works." I was thinking a lot about the whole area of self-image and how we often have very negative views of ourselves based on past experiences and wrong perceptions. It's so important that we view ourselves a God views us: people created in his image, each one of us like a work of God's art. It's an incredible truth that the church is being moulded by God, ready for the return of Jesus. God longs to reflect his "workmanship through the church. I think it's safe to say that God himself is the best artist in the universe. After all, he created it.

"The Grace"
This song speaks for itself, a great song to end a meeting or to express a sense of fellowship together. A number of churches use this song regularly and it is particularly suited for use within a traditional church setting. It must be said this is a song that simply rolled off the tongue - and guitar! CR

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