STU G (Garrard to the taxman) spoke to a group of journalists at the Greenbelt Festival this year. Here's what he said.

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Have you got a name yet?

"Yes, we have. It's called One Sonic Society - OSS."

Where did that come from?

Stu G at Greenbelt '09 (pic by Stefan Metzler)
Stu G at Greenbelt '09 (pic by Stefan Metzler)

"Just the vision of the four of us being together in unity, which is One; Sonic being sound and wanting to keep creating and pushing forward with that; and Society, that it's not just us but a community."

Does that mean you are going to be based largely in America?

"Don't know just yet. It could happen. We're thinking about it but for my wife and I it's not possible to make a quick decision on that."

How old are your kids now?

"18 and 15."

At your Greenbelt gig you performed a Kanye West cover. What made you sing that song?

"Well, I know that some people kind of think Kanye is a bit of a clown but I loved the '808s & Heartbreak' album. I thought that was an amazing album. I think what attracted me to that was what he was writing about - the pain, break up, his Mum dieing, stuff like that. I identified with that kind of writing and thought it was amazing, once you get past the auto tune vocal thing. I thought it would be fun to do a Kanye West cover on acoustic guitar."

Will One Sonic Society be working in the Christian scene or in the mainstream?

"At the minute the music is definitely for the Church. It's got a vibe that is kind of a Deliriousy-type thing, obviously because John and I are in it, but we're wanting for it to be really creative and pushing forward all the time and they are great songs."

Do you think OSS will be able to straddle the mainstream market as well as the Christian one?

"For me, the new band is an extension of what we've been doing and just one of the things that's part of the next picture for me. I'd be silly to kind of turn my back on CCM because that's where 85 per cent of my life has been and where I have contacts. I'm definitely working hard there but looking for opportunities to broaden that as well. Like we did in Delirious? when we released the singles and did the mainstream tours. I just want more of that really. My manager is Paramore's manager."