Kevin Prosch Confesses Sin

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Tuesday 1st June 1999

Kevin Prosh shock announcements

IN AN ANNOUNCEMENT which has shocked the Christian community, internationally renowned worship leader Kevin Prosch has publicly admitted to acts of adultery. In an open letter posted on the internet the American singer/songwriter announced his intention to withdraw from public ministry. Prosch's letter reads:-"In the past few weeks, God in his mercy has called me to accountability by confronting me with the seriousness of the sin in my life. It has been an excruciatingly painful experience, not only for me but also for the people close to me. I realise that if I am every going to be free and if, by God's grace, I am ever able to minister again, I need to publicly acknowledge what I have done and apologise to those I have hurt. This letter is my open confession to the Christian community.

"First, I take full responsibility for all the pain and shame I have caused others who have loved and trusted me. I did not listen to or heed the counsel of the men God placed around me. I fully deceived them and others by living a secret life. I trusted very few people and even the ones I trusted, I still lied to. I even used my gifting to manipulate those closest to me, and I did it without remorse or consideration of the pain it would cause them. I committed adultery and used my gifting to manipulate the women involved. I pursued women, not only sexually but also emotionally and always for my own selfish gain and personal pleasure. The very gift God gave me to bless others with, I used to manipulate and seduce these women. I want to say again and say it emphatically; I am personally responsible for all the deception. I am desperately in need of healing in my life, not only for my sexual problems but also for the way I deceive others. I plan on stepping away from the ministry and will not be ministering publicly in the near future. I also intend to find a local church body under whose leadership, counsel and authority I plan to submit myself.

"Secondly, I want to personally and publicly apologize to the people I have hurt and to ask for their forgiveness for my reckless, self-centred and destructive behaviour that has been ongoing for many years. I apologize, first of all, to the women whose lives have been devastated by my sins against them. I apologize to each of you for the betrayal of your trust and for all the pain I have caused you.

"To Jill, my ex-wife, I especially want to apologize. I have dishonoured you the most, even when we were still married. I am responsible for it all. I lied continually to you and did not listen to you when you knew what the end result would be. I walked in pride and did not consider you. I only hope that you will someday be able to forgive me for not being the husband and man I should have been to you and that the shame I have caused you will not continue to affect you in your new life".

Prosch's email then went on to apologise to his spiritual oversight, his children, his mother and father, 7th Time Music staff, band members, the leadership at Metro Christian Fellowship, his record distributors and the people around the world who listen to his music.

In a separate press statement Michael Coleman, president and CEO of Integrity Inc, said, "On April 24th, Kevin Prosch made us aware of personal problems that he is working through and of his decision to step aside from ministry for a period of time. We are praying for Kevin during this difficult time and wish him all of God's best for his life."
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Reader Comments

Posted by Penny Anthony in Greater London @ 23:54 on Jan 28 2020

Kevin Prosch, just as God restored David, he has restored you. Your music is SO anointed and SUCH a blessing. I have never stopped listening to your music, despite being aware of your confession. Come to the UK soon - PLEASE!

Posted by Elisabeth in UK @ 21:07 on Jun 27 2019

I hope you get to read all these comments Kevin. I have only just discovered your worship music, and oh what a blessing. God is working through your testimony for His glory. Be incredibly blessed you blood bought son of the Living God!

Posted by Alexander b. Brown in Kaleden, bc, canada @ 02:42 on Jan 4 2019

This is the first I have read this article from so long ago. Kevin, where is your life now, has it been long enough yet? We all sincerely miss you and continue to hope for your return as we do with jesus' return also. As you have been away from leading worship and praise for so long it may be true that your return could be near also. I pray for your confidence in our blessed redeemer to restore unto his child the joy of your salvation. In the name of jesus christ i pray these things be so true. Amen. Blessings for you Kevin

Posted by pauline chung in toronto @ 18:07 on Sep 22 2017

I recently came across a song called so come. its so lovely and i felt in love.

I play it Friday night prayer meeting, its so lovely. its moves my heart...

I have read your confession and repentance. thank you for being real. i bless you and asking our Papa to anoint you with heart felt songs to bless those who are struggling and leading to freedom. Papa grant our brother beautiful songs to lead your people to freedom in Jesus name amen.

Posted by Buck Eichler in Kampala, Uganda @ 05:50 on Jan 22 2017

It seems that every strength God gives us also has a weakness that accompanies it. Not as an invitation to sin, but as a vulnerability that leads us to lean into Him, to let his strength be perfected in our weakness. Kevin's letter shows that despite his failings, he has a deep heart for God.
I hope we will find no one willing to cast the first stone.

Posted by ryan @ 22:56 on Aug 19 2016

love you man , I appreciate your repentant heart, the anointing in your worship has impacted my life in a huge way and influenced my worshiped and my walk with the Lord .

Posted by Mercy in Kuwait @ 06:37 on Aug 2 2016

The anointing on Kevin is not ordinary or easy to carry as a human being. I listened to Kevin at a live worship in Kensington Temple London in 1993. I bought 2 of his cassette tapes at the end of the concert. Maybe because I was hearing gospel music newly or because I was hungry to know what it is about being in Christ - I am not ashamed to say that God used his music to set me free from the spiritual bondage that included not knowing or feeling that God loves me. "His Banner over me is love" broke through into my heart and declared God's love. Another wonderful song is "Consuming Fire." I watched, I sang, and I prayed until God's Consuming Fire consumed every planting of satan working in my mind and in my life and also consumed every weapon without me. My life changed incredibly.

Hearing about Kevin's fall - I was not surprised at all.

The devil is very jealous of Worship leaders and because most times, he cannot kill them, he sets the kind of ambush against them that will bring them down to silence with a resounding crash. The Christian body reacts with rejection, and satan likes that just as he was rejected - such worship leaders too are rejected.

I challenge anyone to listen to his song "Save us O Lord." America needs to sing this song in unison. I know if a single day was selected for singing this song at the same time - and in one voice we REPENT as we sing this wonderful song - times of refreshing will return and fill our nation again.

As for me Kevin, I love you and ask you to keep on listening in the Spirit - we need to stop singing 'simple songs' and it is worshippers like you that bring songs that make God to step down from heaven and make the gates of heaven to surely fall.

Kevin, God does not condemn you - just like He did not condemn David and Peter - He stretched out His Hand, you have grabbed it - stay with Him. Avoid things that caused you to stumble.

Remember 'Come to the Light' your own song.

Posted by Andrew Beardsley in New Zealand @ 01:44 on Feb 16 2014

Dear Kevin, I read what you have written & i do believe you are truly repentant. I have had personally lived through two parents who abused me in every way. My mother sexually abused me from 7 - 13.5, including full sex with my own mother. A ccontrolling, violent father, who psycologically,mentally & emotionally affected me. Even though i came to the lord when i was 15, it,s taken till now with alot of hard work & the work of the Holy Spirit & professional help, to get through all the mess. I have listened to the lords music through you, with all time favourite SO COME, has ministered to me & many others. I have functioned in a Pastoral roll But my major gifting is EVANGELIST. I have been through two marriages, 1 - 10.5 yrs with three children, youtworked his wonderful powerful work in my HEART. Many christians & church people demand that a person change there offensive sinful behavior. Behaviour will never ever change until GOD has changed a persons heart. So Kevin it took 34 yrs to see me fixed up beautifully by my precious lord & friend. The Lord took me to heaven last year, & i tell you it,s an amazing place. My Dad passed last year when he was 86.5 & Jesus bought him to me when i arrive in Glory. Dad looked 20 yrs, he came up & hugged me & he told me he loved me. I Will continue to pray for you my dear friend. So come upon Kevin Now & heal & restore. You will be better than what you were before. I love you Kevin. Be Blessed Andrew Beardsley Christchurch, New Zealand.

Reply by Alain Joachim Gery in Mauritius Island @ 18:59 on Apr 29 2017

Hi my brother in Christ, I have read and re-read you encouraging message to Kevin. I totally believe in your testimony as at the age of 9 on 7th of June 2005 my daughter Beatrice Visited the Hell and on Sunday 12th of March 2006 at 3hr PM she visited Paradise and Jesus introduced Himself to her. One of the Messages that Jesus told to my daughter is < At your age i know the Scripture by heart. You shou read your Bible every day...> And He gave her a Mission. ... Thank you brother. King David even being a sinner and did the worst thing that a man of God can do, has never been rejected by God. I think that Kevin should gone through the Scripture too, as GOD will make a way where there seem to be no way. I would like to know more from you brother. Not your life but your counseilling. Beatrice is now 20 and need help. Somebody from the Church has destroyed her Spiritual Life. And now she step down from everything. God bless our relationship.
Alain Gery

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Posted by aaron zadok in India @ 05:31 on Dec 9 2013

Kevin Prosch i don't know if u will be reading this, God has forgiven you man, and we love you as God himself does. We speak forth healing into your heart IN the NAME OF JESUS, and let peace be restored unto u. we are waiting for the time, when God will use u again. For God has definite plans for u Kevin. amen

Posted by Diane in The end of the earth @ 11:44 on Oct 15 2013

It seems that Kevin Prosch suffered a great deal as a child, so it can't really be a shock that he lost his way and made the choices he did. His ex- wife and children have paid a lifetime for the sins of the father....and I mean KPs father. I have never known of any family more destroyed and shattered. The church's greatest, most anointed and wisest leaders used and confused the situation because instead of looking at the whole person, they looked at gifts and anointing in KP and never helped him heal...and never cared one bit about his family. It isn't a surprise that KP spent a lifetime hiding and not trusting. Music was safe and trying to be "real" without fully understanding what that even meant and carrying the burden of his past...why wouldn't he make the choices he made? I hope and pray this guy will be given peace that passes understanding in the years to come, and that his family will be free of the residue of sin that have been passed down generation to generation. I know that I forgive him 100%.

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