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Please note: this artist is either disbanded or deceased.

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Cross Rhythms Music Library & Archive: A resource for the whole ChurchCross Rhythms Music Library & Archive: A resource for the whole Church
The story behind a very large Christian music collection, CROSS RHYTHMS MUSIC LIBRARY & ARCHIVE [09.11.12]
Blackwood Brothers Quartet: Giants of southern gospelBlackwood Brothers Quartet: Giants of southern gospel
Few groups did more, for longer, in developing Christian music than the legendary BLACKWOOD BROTHERS QUARTET. Paul Davis talks to Southern gospel legend James Blackwood. [01.08.99]
Paul Davis: Author, producer, journalist and broadcasterPaul Davis: Author, producer, journalist and broadcaster
Tony Cummings plots the decades-long involvement in Christian music ministry of PAUL DAVIS [24.02.10]
Paul Davis: Here Comes SundayPaul Davis: Here Comes Sunday
The programme on BBC Three Counties Radio, presented by a Christian music pioneer. [01.04.93]
The Bizz: The history of Christian music magazines in Britain
We look at the role that magazines have played in promoting Christian music. Tony Cummings turns the pages of history. [01.10.91]

Paul Davis contact/database details
DJs database
Artist ID: 5413

Alternative Style: Country
Alternative Style: Southern Gospel

Contact Address
Leighton Buzzard
Country: United Kingdom

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