A Step Change Moment...

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February 2023

A Step Change Moment...

40 years ago, the very first Cross Rhythms media initiative was born when Cross Rhythms founder Chris Cole started a weekly show on Plymouth Sound local radio. Called ‘The Solid Rock Of Jesus Christ’, that pioneering show is still going today, on stations all around the world, as ‘The Cross Rhythms Experience’!

Over the years many other initiatives have been set up as God has continued to choose and use the Cross Rhythms ministry to reach people and reflect His Kingdom through media.

Now, 40 years later, is it time for slippers and cocoa? Of course not! Take a look at the uncertain world we live in. The work of Christians in media - to point people and society towards hope and truth - has arguably never been more in need! Rather, in our fortieth year the Lord has upped the ante and positioned us for ‘A Step Change’ in all we do:


  • First, there’s Radio Hayah, our station in Bethlehem. With support from Cross Rhythms partners, this month we employed our very first local Palestinian Arab Christian, Karam. Now ALL our interviews with community leaders, charities, businesses, organisations and churches of the city, are in Arabic! As a strong, local Christian man, who knows the people well and loves the Lord, we couldn't ask for anyone better! Karam says of the opportunity: “Thank you to all who support me in this role. I am so happy to be a part of Radio Hayah as it allows me to tell of the great things happening among my people and through it to serve Jesus Christ.” It’s A Small Step Change!
  • Then, at our FM community radio stations in Stoke and Plymouth, we’ve been amazed at what has happened. CR Plymouth received a new five year licence. Whilst in Stoke, we’ve been allowed to DOUBLE the power of our existing transmitter; set up a SECOND transmitter to significantly improve the quality of our coverage, increasing our potential reach to 380,000 people; and we’ve been given a SECOND FM frequency!

    New Desk Plus, following a grant of £20,000, we’ve been upgrading our live broadcast studio, which hasn’t been done since the 1980’s! Here’s an artist image of the fabulous new studio desk now being built: complete with cameras, this studio will be bang up to date and will open up for us a whole new world of interaction through video interviews and social media engagement. We’re being positioned for greater impact and greater influence. It’s A Medium Step Change!

  • xRhythms logo

  • And, possibly most exciting of all: after one year trialling a dedicated DAB station in the North East, we are now poised with an opportunity to roll out, on channels right across the UK, a brand new xRhythms teenage focussed station, packed with edgy, relevant Christian Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Worship and full on Jesus messages and testimonies!

    We've already been approached by DAB multiplexes wondering if we'd like to be carried across Middlesborough, York, Birmingham, Bristol, Taunton, Stoke-on-Trent and Swindon. As new multiplexes come online across the country we can supply the XR radio stream to any area and broadcast it out 24 hours a day every day!

    And the amazing thing is, we can roll out each station for just £7,500 a year! That’s nothing! Imagine it: an extraordinary opportunity to deliver the message of Christ to all the teenagers in your city, and other cities across the country, 365 days a year! It’s A HUGE Step Change!
  • Can I appeal to you? We’ve just got to do more to reach our teenagers!

    In November, the BBC reported that witchcraft is booming on Tik Tok (teenagers’ most popular social media outlet). They stated: “videos with the hashtag ‘WitchTok’ have amassed more than 30 billion views, and has made it easier for would-be witches to learn about it.” One witch, who performs what she describes as spells and magic says it makes her feel empowered: “Witchcraft, paganism, it all gives you a bit of control back...the power to do things.”

    Amid uncertainty and fear in our world, more and more young people are seeking greater control to their life, and witchcraft is attracting them - big time! But you and I know that won’t save them. It’s a lie! Our teenagers need the empowerment for life that can only come from knowing their heavenly Father. Only through Jesus can they discover freedom from fear and hope for their future. They need to hear His voice calling out to them. And xRhythms is a tool to serve just that!

    I believe God will be revealed to that generation. That’s why we keep doing what He has called us to do. Jonathan Oloyede, the Convenor of the National Day of Prayer and Worship does too. In his book Vision Of Lights, he shares a word that stirs our expectation:

    “I saw hundreds of thousands of people, probably over a million, streaming out of nightclubs, libraries, homes, streets, pubs, workplaces, factories, churches, mosques, temples, city centres… everywhere. Some of them were well-dressed; others looked like they were homeless. Their hairstyles were of all shapes, shades and styles. The striking thing was that they were all TEENAGERS!! (And) they all seemed to be responding to a specific call or sound…” Lord Do It!

    And so, in our fortieth year, once again at Cross Rhythms we are encouraged to take our ‘steps forward’ into what God has positioned us for. And to do so will require partners like yourself. Would you share in taking this STEP CHANGE moment with us?

    If you would like to invest a one off gift or become a regular donor, then please do so here or call us on +44 (0)1782 251000. Thank you!