xRhythms Launches!

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  • $200.00 - Luv'ing Cross Rhythms!!
  • £25.00 - I hope the little I can give can help in making your ministry grow stronger!
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November 2019

xRhythms Launches! - A Major New Initiative To UK Teenagers...

Three and a half years since announcing this audacious vision, I’m thrilled to share with you that xRhythms is now online and relevantly presenting Christian truth and hope to UK 13-20 year olds!

Here’s what four new members of our XR Army had to say:

Shez “Only God can give our youth the identity He’s set aside for them. XR will provide a direct link for them to meet with Him in a way that’s personal, raw and ongoing” - Shez
It’s so exciting to see xRhythms launch; to be a part of something that provides a generation with life, hope and freedom in a relevant and creative way is such a privilege” - Esther Esther
Priya “Young people today face bigger challenges than ever before. I think xRhythms is a platform for young people to find hope, encouragement and strength in a dark world” - Priya
“XR is going to be a cultural spark that sets alight the love of God, creativity and freedom inside of many young people. Through XR, we have the potential to really impact a generation” - Nola Nola

Just rattle off a bunch of issues facing this generation: sexting, self-harm, knife crime, online bullying, witchcraft, mental health… The current teenage generation and the issues they face are overwhelming for so many. Technology has changed the way this generation engages with life and how their values and worldviews are shaped. In the church we’ve been slow to react. New ways to present Christian truth to this generation have to be adopted.

At Cross Rhythms, carrying as we do a specific call to serve Christ through media, we are particularly provoked to embrace this challenge head on. It is in our DNA to be inventive and relevant to the times we live in, and to break open effective new ways to reach today’s generation for Christ. (See our ‘Pioneering History Highlights’).

So now we are embarking on arguably our most vital initiative yet… But xRhythms, is too big for us alone. We need the partnership of many members in the UK Christian church. We need those who are concerned at what our UK teenagers face in society today; who deeply want to see this generation find their identity in Father God; and are willing to be partners in the cause to help enable this to happen.

The support of many has helped to ‘build this vehicle’. But now we need your partnership to help ‘put in the fuel’ to drive it forward!

We’d love for you to see xRhythms for yourself. The best way is to see our simple overview. Here you will find examples of the different types of content we are now influencing a younger generation with: creative production pieces, inspiring spoken word, life-changing vlogs, powerful testimonies, brilliant music videos and Holy Spirit filled worship.

I think you will see, xRhythms is truly: ‘The Young Person’s Guide To Living Life To The Full!’

Alternatively, you might like to just go to the main website and take a good look around. You’ll find four main sections:

  • 1) The Visual Radio Player - Located at the top of the homepage the VR Player presents a mix of great music, vlogs from the XR Army, and specifically chosen videos from YouTube. Watch live or even scroll back and forward in time for whatever takes your fancy!

  • 2) The Life Section - All in green, this is our wealth of articles, blogs and interviews on topics that are all part of everyday teenage life. Have a good scroll through the titles to get a sense of what our next generation of voices, all in their twenties, are saying to a generation.

  • 3) The Music Section - All in yellow, this is our in-depth coverage of relevant Christian music artists.

  • 4) The Visual Radio Section - All in blue, these are videos created by our growing XR Army of vloggers and video producers.
Social Media

To back up this wonderful new website, we’ve also made sure it is mobile friendly, set up a YouTube channel and launched Social Media on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter - the main sites teenagers use.


So xRhythms is born! With a purpose, using todays media, to reach young people for Christ, now it needs to grow! We have set a realistic budget of £150,000 to establish xRhythms in its first year. This will pay for further equipment and web design work, a strong marketing strategy, programme production costs, and enable us to employ 2 more team members - a music journalist and a video editor - to join Rejoice, our XR Content Controller.

Excitement for the XR vision is growing. Already support from individuals, churches and Christians in business totals £20,400. We’ve got strong interest from possible donors in the USA who see the potential of xRhythms. And just four days after XR was launched a trust committed to supporting us for three years at £25,000 a year. Just one month in, we are 30% towards our first year target!

But now we must press on! Would you join us in this mission to our youth? Together, we can change the lives, destinies and future of thousands of young people in our nation - maybe your children’s or grandchildren’s generation!

This mission is on our own doorstep. Pioneer with us, invest your best gift into the youth of our day. Just call 01782 251000 during office hours, or click here to donate.

Thank you!