[dweeb] - It Came From Outer Space

Published Monday 10th December 2007
[dweeb] - It Came From Outer Space
[dweeb] - It Came From Outer Space

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LABEL: Risen RRCD009
RELEASE DATE: 2007-12-10
RRP: £9.79

Reviewed by Mike Rimmer

The buzz surround [dweeb] has been building since the release of their two EPs and finally they have delivered a debut album and it is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. So have they delivered? You bet! Everything about this album captures the imagination. There is no doubt that [dweeb] are one of the most inventive and creative bands on the scene and easily hold their own against the new crop of mainstream bands. Musically tight, they have produced a debut that matches quirky songs with thoughtful, clever lyrics that reveal their depth the more you listen to the songs. There's plenty here to surprise the listener and while the band flex their powerful musical muscles, they manage to create enough hooks to snatch the attention of the fresh listener whilst there's enough depth to keep everybody interested. That's no mean feat for a debut album. I've been listening to the album for a couple of weeks now and I can tell you that as I write, the songs that are captivating me completely are the hooky debut single "Beginning Is Only The Beginning" with its "woah oh woah oh" chant! Totally infectious! "Mediocrity Schmediocrity" is a killer opener with its heartcry to live a life that makes a difference. "Identity Is Not A State Of Mind" captures the band's trick of taking unusual musical directions mid-song when they break down and then pumping everything up with an impressive intensity. "51" takes as its inspiration Psalm 51 but don't anticipate that this will be a nice worshipful ballad, instead you get a groove-driven cry from the heart. It reminds me that [dweeb] do intensity very well! Listening to the band's pumping heart of Matt Donald's funky bass and Dave Ashworth's solid drumming, so much of the album is driven by their stalwart work. This is rock but with a funky heart and a touch of jazz from Badgerman's guitar to keep things interesting and give a different twist to the edgy powerful rock sounds that he's producing. This is not rock music that bludgeons you into surrender, instead amidst the huge noise they create, there is plenty of subtle nuances that make things more than interesting. This is highlighted by the brilliant "Donald To The Funk". Rather aptly, the band's underlying funkiness is pushed to the fore. Tim Alford's lyrics and singing have both taken a huge leap with this new set of songs and it seems that Badgerman's guitar work has made similar leaps too. The combination has never sounded better than on the excellent ferocious "What It Is To Breathe" which is the perfect summary of what [dweeb] stands for spiritually and musically. Ultimately 'It Came From Outer Space' stands as one of the year's best releases and with sci fi B movie artwork and the band's unique sense of humour, everything about this will catch attention. There will be some who will disagree with me because they don't like the quirkiness of some of this. But this is brill and guys, we're taking you seriously now!

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Reader Comments

Posted by simon in sheffield @ 00:01 on Mar 16 2009

Saw the band this morning totally amazing actually had a guitar workshop with them yesturday as well and the guy knows his stuff i mean a few seconds i was like woah dude tht guy on guitar makes the chilli peppers looks lame a definite band that will challenge this worlds thought on christian music

Posted by meg in uk @ 12:06 on Feb 17 2009

what is the matter with you people i think there awesome i went to one of there concert and i brang my friend with me he was not a Christan and was a bit unsure at first he loves them and listens to them 24 seven he now believes in Christ how cool thanks dweeb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Oscar who in london @ 11:33 on Jan 12 2009

Oscar you clearly don't have much of a view on music?? 2007 mainstream album of the year?? i dont think so! there is a reason theyre not doing any significant tours or selling cd's... and what does monty python have to do with anything?? you sound like one of the reviewers for cross rhythms!! who know very little about mainstream rock!

Posted by Oscar in West Yorkshire @ 04:54 on Sep 23 2008

Unfortunately, it seems like good old understatedly absurd British humour is appreciated much less than it used to be... :-(

This album has taken its time on growing on me, but I'm pretty sure that it's one of the best albums of 2007, Christian or mainstream.

mat: I found the sound to sound more raw than poorly produced, but as ever, it's a subjective measurement. Also, I'm pretty sure they're not meant to be melodic.

fan of mat: Yes, they are rather cheesy (read: bizarre), and that's their gimmick. But there's nothing wrong with that. It's the reason Monty Python are so appreciated even today.

I would, however, complain that the album goes on a little bit too long, and I don't think the same sound would work for another album, so I look forward to hearing [dweeb]'s stylistic evolution. :-) Also, I'd have loved to have heard another really good subversive ballad in the style of "Needless Illness", rather than the somewhat too-standard-for-this-album "Prisoner".

(But then again, I think Weird Al's song "Pancreas" is one of the most brilliant musical experimentations I've ever heard, so feel free to ignore my opinions)

Posted by George @ 19:56 on Sep 22 2008

i have two of there albums and they are a bit wierd but they are good. compared to bands like slipknot and slayer they are not the best but they bring people to god and they are very good live. for the people who make bad comments i would like to see you produce music so unique and good.

Posted by fan of mat in peterborough @ 11:46 on Sep 2 2008

i agree with mat! CR are definately guilty to giving stupid ratings to average music! dweeb may be good musicians but they are one of the cheesiet most gimicky non mainstream bands on the circuit!! But then if they intend to stay in the christian market then i guess it works. lol!

Posted by mat in gloucester @ 10:02 on May 15 2008

Awesome? Excuse me? I found the sound irritating and poorly produced. Maybe the vocals have a distinct flavour, but it is not for the mainstream. Just because something different comes along, does not mean it is great. And why does CR always give average home groqwn talent ridiculous ratings? Clearly dweeb have talent, but it gave me a headache. Perhaps they are good live. I enjor listening to melodic rock, but this was not melodic enough to persevere with. Sorry.

Posted by Pete in Londonderry N.Ireland @ 18:16 on Feb 17 2008

DWEEB are class, they played at sweoutdoor in N.Ireland and they are just a brill LIVE band! bring on the 19th of april!

Posted by jack frost in england @ 15:29 on Jan 17 2008

Anticipated by who?? its hardly as exciting as the thought of underoath's follow up to define the great line...get your facts straight!

Reply by Dave in UK @ 09:01 on Feb 6 2008

Facts??? Straight??? My friend, you're missing the point. Sure, Underoath are huge and many people are anticipating the release of DTGL follow-up. However, does this mean that no other album can be highly anticipated?

The reviewer states ICFOS as 'one of the most anticipated releases of the year.' This album was released in 2007. Underoath's new album was not.

From the review there was never even a hint of Mike Rimmer stating this was more anticipated than Underoath's next release. The fact is that [dweeb] have released a rock album bursting with creativity and individuality, something the UK scene is sadly lacking.

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Posted by moomin in coventry @ 17:30 on Jan 15 2008

Awesome, have seen them live before, and this record really captures their liveliness and energy. The first 6 songs are all sensational, and Battle Scars is a winner too. Great to hear a contemporary-sounding Christian band, any of these tracks could appear on Kerrang radio or 6music and not feel out of place. A triumph!!!!!

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