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Article Title: Hillsong London Live At Elim In Bristol
Author of reported comment: MIKE
Comment Date: 06:45 on Feb 21 2007
Comment: Yep, God spots the blagger. So be careful what you sing. You really mean what you sing? Sometimes I dont sing the song, I pray the song... like ,"All day...I will read my by Bible and pray...All Day..." So during worship song, I pray that I will have the heart to read my bible and pray consistently. Its also important that the worship leader talks to the audience. Just singing your way through a series of songs without kind of giving an intro talk makes the worship mechanical as people need a heart preparation or an understanding of the worship song. You mentioned-Hillsong brand of worship. Worshippers should not worship Hillsong. They should worship God. And that the Worship messages should be sang from a holy heart and if not, they should live it out first. The psalms are full of heartfully devoted worship songs and prayers. As it is, it was written by fully devoted psalmists. We too as we sing the heartful hillsong music, should sing with fully devoted hearts and lives. Finally, through the ages music has always evolved. Gone are the mild and mellow days. Worship music nowadays are moving to pop and contemporary beat and expression. Well, God does not change- and He still looks at the heart... From the Inside Out. God Bless!!!
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