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Article Title: I Want To Live For You
Author of reported comment: Anna
Comment Date: 15:21 on Oct 30 2007
Comment: To be honest. I find it disgusting (sorry, for using this word, but it's true) to watch where these two girls started from and where they got so far... They were so down-to-earth and after getting "famous" they changed so much! Put on makeup (which christians don't use), changed their language (Simina obviously can't spell "L" correctly anymore) and made these horrible video clips. Don't get me started with the video clips. You could practically put a rock song in the backgroud and the girls gestures and facial expressions would suit perfectly to it. I'm sorry that they had to change so much for appearing in public. But I guess: Ladies and gentlemen... THIS IS CHRISTIAN SHOWBIZ! I'm sorry for adding this comment but I tried hard not to express my dissapointment too bad! Others might say I'm jealous.... Of what?! Of being famous and being untrue to myself? In the end it could leave me cold, but the way (they think) they're representing the christian religion annoys me out of belief!!! That's my opinion and it's a free country!
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