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Article Title: Whatever Happened To Music Ministry? A hard hitting editorial by Mike Rimmer
Author of reported comment: Jasper
Comment Date: 12:32 on Apr 22 2009
Comment: This is all about the industry not supporting artists that arn't producing bland, middle of the road worship albums. I don't necessarily think that it's fair to criticise the writing of the songs. Whilst they may not appeal to you, they are still personal offerings of worship to God. There are plenty of fantastic bands out there who arn't getting the support of the industry to get their work heard. Take Quench. They took five years to produce their new EP themselves because they couldn't get the backing from the labels to produce a rock album. Take Delirious? I love their recent work, but after the battering Audio Lessonover? took, their next two albums seemed to have been 'playing it safe' as it were to ensure that the business didn't go under! More and more we're seeing bands like Third Day doing a worship album between projects in the knowledge that the sales will allow them to produce the diverse music that we all want to hear. New and interesting artists thrive in this atmosphere, like David Crowder Band, but most of them arn't getting any backing. It isn't about uninspired music, it's just that the inspired music isn't being recorded and released. Lets show the industry that we need new, fresh music by supporting bands like Quench, SuperHero etc by buying their CDs and going to their gigs! Just my two pence worth!
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