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Author of reported comment: Jonathan
Comment Date: 01:18 on Nov 15 2009
Comment: This is the latest offering from the annual Soul Survivor festivals every summer that happen in Somerset in the UK, with the second disc featuring live worship from Momentum, the students and 20's version of Soul Survivor. The Soul Survivor disc features perhaps 'the song' of the festival, the Phil Wickham penned 'You're Beautiful' led by fifteen-year old Jamie Rodwell is one of the highlights of the album along with the opener and title track, 'Not Ashamed', sung here by Ben Cantelon. The second disc from Momentum has a different 'feel' to the worship. The highlights on the disc are a rather excellent version of 'Remember' by Tim Hughes and the Compassionart song, 'King of Wonders' sung by Sam Parker. The band on both discs are musically and dynamically superb and collectively more than do the songs justice. The production of both disc's are up to the usual excellent standard, kept in the capable hands of Paul Burton. There is a good variety, both in terms of song choice, style and worship leaders. Overall, a fitting CD to remember all that God did over the two festivals, possibly one of the best live worship CD's of this year.
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