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Article Title: North Of The Sky
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 21:17 on Oct 12 2010
Comment: I have this cd in my huge ccm collection; great cd!! CCM Radio played "Still in Love"; I immediately luved the song! I spent a long while trying to locate the song, and the duo who sang it. Just listen to those strong, pop- styled vocals of these 2 guys; they cause you to listen. I luv how "Still in Love" ends. I luv the words to "This Time Around", another great tune! and a song for now! Great chorus on "Talk to ME". The 5th song on cd is cd title "North of the Sky";great title for a song! I luv this song completely! I luv the line"Just meet me North of the sky where only Angels fly". I relate to the words of "All Over Again" great song Neal & Jay! Like Amy Grant has said, "Way to go, you nailed me!" Every song on this cd has its own uniqueness. There are also some familiar background vocalists like Bob Carlisle, John Elefante, Tommy Funderburk (who has done background vocals for Amy Grant's "unguarded"lp). "When the Feeling is Gone" is another favorite that I just luv!!it has another great chorus of words that hit home. The cd closer "Hope for a Broken Heart"; a perfect song to end with; a message of hope. Only 2 cds of songs from this great duo; they faded too fast!! GOD Bless! -Don
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