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Article Title: DeWayne Woods: The Stellar Award Winner testifies to being healed of HIV
Author of reported comment: Airon
Comment Date: 14:51 on Nov 6 2010
Comment: Hello, brother and sisters in Chirst. I dot have to tell you, i know that you all know that Jesus Heals!! I know that you all also know that he loves us all and does not want us to suffer. He died so that we might live healthy ad strong. After the life I have lived, it is by his grace and mercy that i do not have hiv. I writing to inform you of the process you are going through. I truly believe God is making us fit for the tasK that he has for us. Will you trust him? Will you turn to him rather than get anxious and run to man? Im not saying to stop taking your meds....but i am saying truly give it to him. Read his word and plant it in your hearts so that it might grow and the harvest be plentyful. Meditate on what he has said. Talk to the holy spirit, Jesus and God. HIs word does not come back void. As previously stated I myself do not have what you have but i have somthing different. I thank him for the process and that he makes me strong and nothing of my own doing.
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