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Article Title: Steve Camp: Feeding the sheep not entertaining the goats
Author of reported comment: Al Carlo
Comment Date: 12:42 on Jan 4 2014
Comment: Steve, I feel like I know you personally, even tho I don't. I wore out Justice and Doing My best on cassettes , and Justice on CD. I share your tunes when ever I can . My wife and I saw you at play At Edmon Chapel, in the summer of 92-93ish Kinda slept since then Old guy But God as my witness I sure thought I ran into you at Nashville International Service dept sept 2012 when I was picking up my truck there from repair.. Maybe it wasn't you. but The guy looked just like ya. well enough of that, is there a calendar of where you play I would sure Love to enjoy your style of music again I do from time to time hit the section where we can hear short cuts from the albums/cd's now. well anyway ,I thank God for your boldness for the truth and during my backslide days (christian in exile) Your music and the late Keith Green and the Newer rocky Petra stuff Steve Taft and Micheal English really took me through the ride of my life. Well Wither I see ya again in concert or Not Your a God send to Our failing world . No false piety here I get into trouble for being Blunt. I am just fired up that I could write a letter of encouragement to someone I respect. thanks again Al Carlo
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