Reader Comments for Whatever Happened To Music Ministry? A hard hitting editorial by Mike Rimmer

These are reader comments for the article 'Whatever Happened To Music Ministry? A hard hitting editorial by Mike Rimmer'

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Posted by Marcio Galeazzi in Brazil @ 16:15 on Apr 20 2009

I agree with your words Mike!
We need to return to the message of the Cross!
Jesus is the center!!!

Posted by Jono in Wales @ 15:33 on Apr 20 2009

The author of this should look what is already out there, tom + olly, electralyte, bosh, kairos, portland, dweeb,superhero

maybe the author is missing all the best british bands as he is to busy moaning about everything else

best way to get a reaction is to be negative, best way to change the world is to be positive about what is good out there....

Some great albums and new soudns coming out yet sadly this person wants to make a name for himself by being negative. So many bands have been truly missed as Cr have not helped them out over the years

Quench, Steve to name a view, great bands with new ideas not helped by cr cause all cr wanted to do was play the same old bland worship..... look at yourself before moaning at others

Reply by Peet in United States @ 05:10 on Apr 24 2009

I think Jono must not have ever listened to the Cross Rhythms playlist. The one thing it doesn't do as a station is play bland worship music. As for Mike being negative. Anyone who wants to build a new building must first clear away the rubble of the rubbish that was there first before laying down fresh foundations. It's true that there is some good music out there but when it comes to the general trends I don't think Mike is being negative, it's just getting a perspective.

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Reply by Julie in Wolves @ 12:27 on Apr 21 2009

Wouldn't quite say that CR don't play new artist mate. Quench are great and I have seen a review by CR for this band.

Dont think Mike's trying to make a name for himself as he's already a Superstar! :o)

I agree that there are some GREAT new Christian bands coming up with a message to share about their faith...but we want to see their radicalism cross over from Christen-dom into the non-Christian world. Afterall our faith is primarily about spreading God's word to people who don't know about Him.

Think Mike's words are meant to stir up feeling to act not to be negative and non-productive.

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Posted by Julie in Wolvehampton @ 14:01 on Apr 20 2009

Strong words Mike.

Actually it made me think. At first I was admanant 'nah, Mike's got a bee in his bonnet and is slightly over reacting' BUT then I started to go through my most recent cd purchases in my mind and realised 'he's got a point here!'

I was thinking about The Fray and 'How To Save A Life' it was only on research I discovered they're Christians and that the song has 'RELIGIOUS' meaning.

But are we being a little too harsh.....are these bands being forced to water down their faith by the Record Companies who do not want to release an overtly Christian song??

But in saying that often I hear of non-Christian stars saying that they put their foot down on record company execs and managed to create an album that produced THEIR ideas and not what the recod company maybe we can too! Surely our God can make a way through that....?

So overall Mike - I'm with you!

It;s time for our modenr day Levites to start to say something radical about our God to a world that does not want to hear or who would rather hear about God alongside of the gods of other faiths.

Thanks for the challenge Mike.

Posted by Doc in Brighton @ 14:27 on Apr 19 2009

I think Ian Eskelin got it right in the All Star United song:

Let’s see if God gets a Dove
And shows up to accept
This is the song of the year
Let the message be clear
I don’t need you to adore me
Cuz it’s all about God’s glory
Something’s gone really wrong
If we’re chasing the song of the year

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