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"Cross Rhythms 2000 was a lifechanging experience for me. Some people told me a lot of things about God and christianity that I never knew before. There was one guy called Gunther from a band called MIC that were performing up there, who sat down and talked to me for at least 2 hours if not more, about christianity and he willingly told me about his life and how he became to know God and loads of other things. I was amazed that he had that much time to dedicate to me and he would answer any questions I asked in full detail. Gunther really changed my life, I can't wait to tell him that. Only a few days after Cross Rhythms I gave my life to Christ, I am now living a happy life which is now in Gods hands. Cross Rhythms 2000 was the best Cross Rhythms festival ever.' Michelle, Cornwall 'My son (16) had been struggling to maintain his faith amidst, as he puts it, "a sea of grey haired old ladies". To see so many young men worshiping Jesus helped him to renew his faith" Juliet

"I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous weekend, I have never experienced so much love, forgiveness, friendship, worship etc' etc' in all of my life....The music, the prayer, the praise, everything was exactly what I needed at this moment in my life, and Praise God I am no longer slipping backwards, my life has been very difficult for quite some time now with disappointment, hurt, old ghosts that wouldn't let me go, unemployment, marriage problems, the list is quite extensive. I'm looking forward now to how I can fulfil Gods Destiny for me and my Family after receiving healing and forgiveness at the crucial point in my life when it was basically make or break time." Rebecca

"I would like especially to thank the lady who was in charge of the crèche tent, she was so helpful and friendly and it made the weekend for my wife and I" Bruce

"We are just writing to let you know how much we enjoyed the festival this year - our second - and to thank you and God for it! We learnt a lot and were greatly blessed and challenged, and changed. We came down with nine other people all of whom got a great deal out of it....Thank you for the opportunity to grow as individuals and as a community. We will be back." Dave & Cath, Scotland

"Just thought I would let you know what a brilliant festival it was this year at Okehampton. I found it very difficult because I am not in a good place but that was only because Gods presence was so powerful that it was stirring all kinds of things up that I couldn't handle. I suffer from depression and even though I knew God could set me free I ran away from allowing him to, but I was due to go back on my medication which I have not done and that was a result of Gods anointing on the bands/speakers during the weekend. The most powerful times when God was really there for me although I couldn't respond were the worship evening with David Evans and YFriday's music and their whole attitude to being used of God really got to me and so did KP Westmoreland's seminar or rather prayer session following his sharing from a personal point of view." Oxon

"We can honestly say that out of all the visits we have made over the years; that while all the festivals that we have attended were special, this years for some reason was by far the best. Perhaps like good wine they mature with age. As one looked around, one could see that a tremendous amount of hard work had gone into things....but it wasn't just the "youngies" that were blessed, a certain "old man" like me, was blessed to. Over the weekend God really spoke in a powerful way into my heart, and in so doing brought an answer to a question that I had been mulling over for some time. What he said to me was that what I have been looking for lately in my walk with Jesus Christ is simply - the real thing! Real Christianity. But its not about finding "real Christians" its more about "being a real Christian", no matter where you are, or who you are with. I very much felt that at least in terms of a real and relevant Christianity, a good deal of that was observable at Cross Rhythms." Philip, Devon

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