DELIRIOUS? face questions dreamed up by their devoted fans.

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Which one of the band can't swim? (Marc Lungley, Aston Uni, Birmingham)
The band dissolve into laughter as they contemplate the question.
Tim: "We can all swim!"
Stu G: "But we wanna go deeper."
(There is more laughter)

When you go into a church and they do one of your songs during worship, what do you do? (Linda Seward, Southampton)
Stu G: "Try and not think about that it's your song. That's what I do. Sometimes when me and Martin are there together, with every song of yours that they do, you have a goal scored. So, come the end of the morning it's like 2:1 to Martin. Normally."

Why don't you thank God in the inlay notes? (Andy Mackay, Exeter)
Stew: "God is everywhere, he doesn't need to be on the inlay of our CDs."
Martin: "Because it's in our lyrics anyway."
Jon: "God's not insecure about not being on the inlay because he's in there anyway!"
Stu G: "Not like a lot of other people we could mention!"
Jon: "Sorry Kenny! We forgot him in America but he got a reprint though!"
Jon: "Kenny Mitchell is a DJ and he did some stuff on 'Jesus' Blood'."
Martin: "Is he on the reprint?"
Jon/Stew: "Yes."
Jon: "We sent him the wrong reprint that hadn't been reprinted."
Jon: "In true style! We sent him the original without his name on, 50 of them."
Stew: "He's happy because he's sold them!"


Will you ever come to New York? (Jonathan Lonczak, NY, USA)
Tim: "We've been there twice this year already! Once at the Hammerstein Ballroom and the person who asked this question probably wasn't at the second gig. It was the day that Hurricaine Floyd hit New York and everybody went home at 3pm, and we played at one in the morning to about 50 people in a little bar, JB's."

Why didn't you use the name Jesus anywhere in your last album, even in the inlay card? (John, Warwick Uni CU)
Martin: "There's no reason, apart from the fact that we just haven't happened to write any songs about Jesus. There was no agenda, no thought behind it, it just didn't happen. Watch this space for the next project."

Favourite all time gig? (John Bury)
Jon: "The Roxy, LA. It was a packed little sweaty club. It was a showcase for Virgin and it was packed out. We'd never played LA before and the club had lots of history. Good gig."
Stew: "I really enjoyed Glastonbury this year and thought that was a highlight. Just as a boy you want to be there and play, and to get up there on stage is amazing, and just to be in that whole scene for a couple of days was great fun."
Martin: "Brixton Academy in London last year. It was really great!"
Stu G: "I guess The Roxy for me actually."
Tim shrugs his shoulders not able to think of an answer.

Is there any chance of a live gig appearing on Cross Rhythms or the God Channel? (John Bury)
Martin: (hastily) "No!"
The rest of the band laugh!
Stew: "I suppose there's always the possibility! We haven't been asked!"
I point out that they have been asked since Cross Rhythms requested to broadcast a set from Soul Survivor.
Stew: "I think technically it's quite difficult, it's not just turn up and plug in and off you go and let's broadcast it. What we've tried to do is keep everything the best possible quality, and that takes time and a lot of money. When we did View From The Terraces, that cost thousands just to video and mix and edit it all together. It's a lot of work!"

What do you see as the band's calling or position or place in the body of Christ or the Kingdom of God? (Carey Reif, California)
Martin: "I think we've got a small part to play in encouraging people, and encouraging people to respond to their own call before God."

What is the correct spelling of your band's name? (Olin Jenkins, Columbia)
Tim: (adopts school spelling test persona) "D, E, L, I (he pauses) R (he pauses again before rushing) I, 0, U, S."
The band identify that this must be a question from America where all the fans think the band's name has a five at the end - deliriou5?
Stew: "We've dropped that now and if they'd bought the latest album they'd find out!"

What is the story behind "It's OK"? (Parker)
Martin: "'It's OK' is a song that's a little vague because a lot of it is imagination and some of it is reality. We did meet a girl in Texas who had just come out of hospital and had tried to commit suicide. We met her in a little cafe and invited her to the show, and that was an inspiration even though half the song had been written before then. It was just seeing someone in despair and trying to offer a hand of hope and a crumb of comfort and to say if you keep going, it's going to work out. We also felt that we couldn't write an album just about heaven and not mention hell, and we wanted it to be a song that could communicate to anybody inside and outside the Church, and also it mentions about having communion with Jesus. A lot of people have interpreted that as encouraging people to drink wine but actually it's about finding salvation."

Which mainstream artist would you most like to work with or appear on a record with? (Parker)
Jon: "I'd like to work with DJ Shadow because he's got some great ideas and great beats, and I just like his slant on things."
Stew: "I'd like to work with Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. He used to be in Nirvana. He's a real inspiration and as a drummer, he's incredible."
Stu G: "I think I'd like to do something with James from The Manics."
Tim: "If Elvis was alive I'd like to do something with him because we'd sell a lot more records then."
Jon: "What do you mean if?"
Tim: "Sorry Jon."
Martin: "He's in Rio de Janiero in a Kebab shop! I think I'd like to do a duet with Bono one day, that would be nice."

Are there any of your songs you think someone else could cover well? (Andrew Marriott)
Stew: "I'd like to hear Skin from Skunk Anansie sing on a track, that would be great!"
Martin: "I think the Manics could do a great cover of 'See The Star'."

Why does your LIVE sound differ so much from that on the album? (David Thomas, South Ruislip)
Tim: "Does it? It's because you've got to get a bigger hi-fi that goes that loud."
Stew: "It needs to go up to 11."
Stu G: "There's a lot more energy live and also it's not as perfect as on the record, but that for me is a really positive thing."
Martin: "The main thing is that the singing is out of tune live!"

How's the Delirious?/Switchfoot tour going? Any practical jokes? (Jessica Harrell, Nashville, USA)
Stu G: "We haven't had any practical jokes but we are getting on very well and we still have a few dates to go with them. What a great bunch of guys. People think you're able to hang out all the time but the fact is we travel separately, but we try to hang out with them as much as we can."
Stew: "They did take us surfing one day which was quite interesting. I got on really badly, it was actually really hard work and they're so fit. Chad who plays drums took us out and he hired these boards and we had to get 400 yards out to get these waves. He got out in five minutes and it took me 45 minutes, and that was with him coming back and helping to tow me! It was the hardest thing I've ever done. I was out there for an hour and a half and I managed to get two waves. I got on my knees and fell off and that was what I managed to do!"

CCM bands never come to France... So I'd like to know if we'll have a chance to see Delirious? in concert in France someday? (Virginie, France)
Jon: (in bad accent) "Oui oui!"
Stu G: "There's always a chance, yeah!"
Tim: "I think we've had one or two invitations and we probably need a lot more than that to find a time to make it work. We can't always fit everything in."
Martin: "I went on holiday in France this year and took my guitar so I have played in France."