DELIRIOUS? face questions dreamed up by their devoted fans.

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What vegetable is each member of D: most like? (James Ots)
Tim: "Stu has to be root ginger. Stew has to be a radish because of the little fluffy bit on top of his head! Jon would be a turnip because he has deep roots!"
Stu G: (chipping in helpfully) "Martin's a parsnip because he has the face of a parsnip!"
Tim: "I'd be broccoli because there's not many carbs in it!"

How did Martin get that mole removed? (Al Rollo, Coulsdon)
Tim: "What mole?"
Martin: "I have never had a mole removed!"

What do you do if you forget the words to a song live? (Vicki Runner, Stoke)
Martin: "Do a few la la las. Make it look like it's a God moment and that I'm under the influence."
Jon: (chips in to help) "Pretend you've got technical difficulties."
Martin: "Yeah! Look round at everyone and laugh!"

Wherever did your mandolin get to? (Adam Kirkman, London)
Martin: "It went to the mandolin grave in the sky and we had a little service. We agreed that it would be best that it had an early death."

What does Martin say at the beginning of "See The Star Remix"? (Andy Mackay, Exeter)
Martin: "When we were demoing for the 'Mezzamorphis' album, for some reason I would say 'This song is called "Follow", this is recorded at 10.15 in the morning on Thursday 12th December."
Stu G: "Another memorable Thursday!"
Martin: "So everybody was given a cassette complete with these little times on it that meant absolutely nothing. But it was the sort of thing that you'd read in a Beatles book and it meant something to me. So if anyone discovered that time it would be, 'Wow! 10.15 in the morning, that's amazing!"

Do you know that you broke hundreds of D: fans' hearts when you got married, and how do you feel about that? (Juliet, Hemmel Hemstead)
Jon: "Very flattered!"

Outstanding memory of 1999? (The Mad Fiddler)
Jon: "Glastonbury was great, playing there with the Manics and just being in the same room as them. It was funny because we were backstage and Nicky walks past and my wife's saying, 'Go say hello to him!'."

What hairstyle do you most regret having? (Claire Stephens, Bradford)
Stew: "I don't regret anything. Perhaps shaggy poodle hair for a moment."

What's with the Mohican? (The Mad Fiddler)
Stew: "That's an American question! It's just a bit different really. I tend to get a bit bored with hair! I change it as regularly as possible. Once you get to a grade one, there's only one place you can go and that's grow a little bit down the middle!"
Jon: "Unless you're Stu G!"
Stew: "Yeah! There's a couple of baldies in the band already so, I like being different. And it looks hard!"
Jon: "He's the only one who can still experiment!"

Why, as it is rumoured, don't you like "The Happy Song" anymore? (Adam K, London)
Stew: "I just don't like playing it. There are a lot of older songs that we play that I don't enjoy as much as the new stuff. I'd rather get stuck into some of the new stuff because it's better!" CR

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