Tony Cummings spoke to two members of creative worshippers RIVERS & ROBOTS

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Jonathan: We've not officially signed with them. We work with them. The instrumental album we did - we produced it but it's their project. It's a partnership, working together, but there's no official contract.

Nathan: It was a one-off project. We had a heart to do an instrumental album, and we'd been talking about doing that with Epiphany Music, who are this Christian string quartet brass thing. Then the guys from Integrity approached us with this idea of doing an instrumental thing, so we thought, "Yep."

Tony: So they approached you?

Jonathan: Yeah, 'Still' was their concept of an album. They wanted to create a series, actually, with different artists, and have people produce instrumental versions of worship songs.

Nathan: It was a partnership. They paid us to do the album.

Rivers & Robots: An amazing five year journey and still soaking in God's presence

Jonathan: We were essentially hired as the producers of that album.

Nathan: But it was good fun doing that. I guess what you're saying, it's interesting; we're thinking about that difficult thing of being an independent artist. We're travelling to the US in three weeks, and trying to organise that sort of thing with no infrastructure around you can get quite difficult.

Tony: Somebody described 'Still' as "soaking music". Do you think that's fair?

Jonathan: Yeah. I think there's loads of different places it could be used. I've grown up in church where we've had those kind of soaking meetings where you put music on and use it as meditative prayer time. It worked great in that context. I've been in prayer meetings where people have been using it in the background. People are using it in college or university, helping them study - even non-Christian settings. It's been used all over the place; it's interesting to see where it goes.

Nathan: It can be quite humbling. People have been going through family difficulties, bereavement, loss, and the music is a comfort for them while they've been going through that process. When you read things like that you just know that you couldn't orchestrate that: it's God working through the music.

Jonathan: "When I'm spending time with God at home - reading the Bible, in prayer - I like to have quiet instrumental music on in the background. That's why we were already considering writing something like that: we wanted to take worship songs and do them in that style that helps being in that moment of stillness and prayer. I think it's helped a lot of people out with that kind of thing.

Nathan: "David played the harp when Saul was troubled in his spirit, and it brought comfort and a release. Not that we want to big ourselves up, but hopefully that album does that for some people. We feel that's some of the heart behind it. It's not got words but we prayed over every single part we recorded, and we hope God moves through it.

Tony: You said you're about to go to the US.

Jonathan: We've got a two-week tour coming up - about 12 dates, so quite busy. A mixture of things we organised through connections online. We managed to get a few dates in the area then put it out online and got other people to chip in. It's churches, conferences, gig venues. We're going round the North East - New York, Boston, Philadelphia. First time going to America, so we're very excited.