Sweden's VIOLA talks us through tracks on her new album


"Praise Him"
This is a song that I always went around singing. It was written by America's Lenny LeBlanc. Cleaning the house or washing the dishes, I always had it on my mind. The words always remind me how I want to praise him. I want the songs I sing to speak encouragement and comfort. This song is simply a song to encourage me and others to praise him even in hard times. It has helped me many times to just enjoy myself with him in my daily walk. Thank you Lenny!

""Only In The Name"
We are so liberal today, even in the church, we so easily just accept whatever, as long as we just love one another. I wrote this simple song as a proclamation to everything and everyone that Jesus is the only way. His sacrifice is the true sign of love. He is too much, and we shouldn't whisper about that. There is no other name than Jesus that we can come to God and find true meaning of life.

""Let Me Be There Too"
I often think about how easy it is to speak about love, but we have a long way to go until we understand what it means to give and live love. Before God we are all naked. We all need someone, sometimes it's hard to find that one. We are not strong alone, we need one another, we just forget that. Maybe if we are silent for a while, he can show us.

""Unfailing Love"
This song is like an old hymn. It reminds me of the cross and our need of forgiveness. As I remember what he has done for me, it's easier for me to relate to others and allow me to see where we all come from. We are nothing without him, and that's okay.

""Still I Wonder"
We so often try to explain God and make him reasonable. When it comes to God, I think it is okay to wonder and just receive that he came to be one of us and he is for real. When Jobe wrote this he felt that it was for someone else to sing. When we met and I heard the words I could really relate to the song and we both agreed that I should sing it. Thanks Jobe!

""Heart Wide Open"
The world keeps itself real busy. It tries to take away our focus of what is important in life. By having our heart wide open means being so desperate after him that nothing else can satisfy. Life can be tough! Let us hold on. It helps to look a little bit higher sometimes.

""Shout To The Lord"
This is a wonderful song that I love to sing. It was written by Darlene Zschech whom the Lord is using very much in Australia. We so easily put other things before God, just to find that no one can bring comfort and peace like he can. This song, I think, is just a beautiful gift God gave Darlene to encourage and to remind us more of what we have by believing in Jesus, and to lead us closer to him.

""Have Faith In God"
This is my favourite song. Geoff Bullock is an excellent writer, this song is really anointed. It ministers to many wherever I go. I believe that whatever we have to give to God, he can use it and make it into something very beautiful. I often stop and think of why God, who sees everything, still uses us. I know his pleasure is not to destroy - but to take what we have and use it for his glory.

""Min Alskade Jesus"
I was sitting at home one day and I felt really empty and worn out. Then this song came to me and pulled me out of my despair. It is a very simple song about how God writes his own love song in each of our hearts, to release us to become what we are supposed to be. A worshiper for him.

""There Is None Like You"
This is the title cut, because there really is none like him. With all the places I go, with all the people I meet and with all the experience I have, nothing compares to him. No matter what I go through or emotions I feel. When I evaluate everything in the light of him, I still must sing "there is none like you." CR

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