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Monday 21st May 2007

Michael Tait dumps rock, embraces R&B-tinged pop

ONE TIME member of dc Talk Michael Tait is to make a major change of musical direction with his third album 'Loveology'. Said Michael, "I've been working on a new record for a couple of years now that will be more of a pop record. I've consciously left the rock thing behind and changed styles a bit. . . the sound can be described as Stevie Wonder meets Maroon 5 meets Lenny Kravitz. . . sort of a groovy pop sound. It's my dream record - I've always felt that I've had a voice and a calling for the pop world. I've been working (producing and co-writing) with Ben Moody, best known from the band Evanescense but he has also produced acts like Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne. We're also collaborating with David Hodges who toured with Evanescense playing keyboard. In fact this month I'll be recording with them out in LA, a four-song demo that will hopefully get the ball rolling for the release of the record."

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Reader Comments

Posted by ANNA NDLOVU in SOUTH AFRICA @ 20:33 on Mar 10 2010


Posted by Eelke in The Netherlands; Gouda @ 20:55 on Jun 26 2008

Wow, this is the first time I heard about this new album. He didn't realease any album since 2004. 4 years without a new album lol. I look forward to it, to his new style, but I don't think a realy new message.

Finally a new Tait album. Kevin MAc (my favourite) has realeased 6 albums, and tait only 2.

Posted by Jen in NJ @ 01:02 on Apr 10 2008

you know in the begining i had the same fears as ohdear and ephraim because i didn't understand what the guys had been called to do. So i decided that instead of denouncing them that i should pray that they answer God's call and make such large difference that all of hollywood and wherever else feels it and that they have the strength to continue to resist anything that the devil might throw at them to drag them down. None of us are perfect but we do have a perfect God who can help us - that's what this world needs to hear and that's just what they boys from dcTalk and those like them are doing. That's what we all need to be doing and i know that God is working in my heart to step up my game. I'd just like to thank the dcTalk boys and all of you here for allowing yourself to be God's instruments in my life.

God bless you all and i love you all (though i may not know you) my brothers and sisters in Christ

Posted by Sarah in Essex, UK @ 13:00 on Jan 18 2008

Maybe if you spent as much time on your knees praying for your "credible" CCM artists as you did critic them......... I know it can be frustrating but really bad-mouthing wont make a difference lol so remember P.U.S.H!

Thank you

Reply by Kelly in Texas @ 21:11 on Mar 31 2008

Well said. What amazes me is that these arguments even still exist. This has been going on since Larry Norman-and includes so many names since that we could spend days or weeks discussing it. The fact is - there are a lot of Christian artists who are making a difference in a secular band instead of being in a "Christian" band because they know that is where God wants them. Then, there are artists who are trying to get away from singing to and for the saved so that they can try to be more relevant to the lost. Chris Rice just did this. Is he suddenly no longer Christian because he left Rocketown records and is playing on secular stations????

How about recognizing that these folks are answering a calling God has for them in reaching out in a different way-and praying for them just like we do for missionaries? I cannot help but think that if we truly had Christian music the way some people say it "should be", all we would have to listen to would be Sandi Patti and Steve Green, maybe Amy, she went secular and divorced-she can't be a Christian anymore. So what she writes cannot be Christian music ever again-in fact probably never was (retroactively). GIVE ME A BREAK.

Please let God soften your heart about how He works if you think that way. People are people. God is God. He works in and through people. He does not do it the same way for all people. You are not the only people. Astonishing.

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Posted by DVD in Pasadena, CA @ 23:00 on Nov 28 2007

But Kevin Max will always be my favorite of the three, simply because he's the most real - sometimes embarassingly so, but I find it endearing. He's "God's little Frankenstein", to quote one of his own remarks at a gig in Hollywood a few years back. He's had his share of personal failings, and just lets those things be what they are instead of covering them up and projecting a squeaky clean image, and I think he's able to write in a way that levels the playing field between Christian and non-Christian listeners - he clearly wrestles with God and expresses Christian beliefs, but his often poetic language takes effort on the part of everyone's brain to figure out what's being said, rather than just letting the Christian audience tune out and assume they already know what he's talking about. Honestly, he's the only solid songwriter of the bunch. Without his eccentric influence on the lyrics and melodies, Tait and Toby are just curning out straightforward and simplistic radio singles for the youth group set. I suppose that age group needs good music, but some of us grown-up Christians like to think a little harder from time to time.

Posted by Anthony St in Kentish, (generally)WA @ 18:33 on Oct 26 2007

Well I don't know about Micheal Tait singing pop. I liked his style of rock. But hey, more power to him. I got alot of respect for him and pray his new album is a success. And I also agree, why can't an artist sing what he pleases. I think you give the secular way too much credit.

Kevin Max gone with the world? That's the oddest thing to say just because he left Forefront way back when. If you ask me "The Imposter" album was more spiritual then his first solo project. And his new one "The Blood" draws even more upon hymns. The dude sings more "God pleasing" music then anyone, if you really take the time to read his lyrics. He's made mistakes but he's not hiding from them. He just sings as his relationship with God unfolds. I always find it weird how people constantly think Kevin Max is the one who is going secular. And now Micheal? You guys ever consider Toby Mac? Might as well, he is the one with the most success. :)

I'm just saying look at the shows, listen to the words, and read reviews if you want further advice. Anyways, *steps off pedestal, if you'll excuse me I have some... things to take care.

God bless you all

Posted by Cipher in the middle of nowhere @ 16:52 on Sep 27 2007

Kmax went secular? Since when? Have any of you heard about his newest prject, 'The Blood'? If not, I suggest you look it up ASAP. Then tell me who's gone secular.

And dc Talk's goal, as solo artists or as a group, all along has been to bring down the walls that separate christian music from mainstream music.

Posted by Tony in Nebraska @ 22:10 on Sep 3 2007

What is the difference in the music styling? Couldn't a Christian message, or any religious message, be upheld or lost in a rock song, or a pop song? How does switching stylings change his religious ways? I see his voice as matching the music style of "Speech" better than a rock style anyway.

Posted by Ephraim in North Carolina @ 18:19 on Sep 2 2007

If Michael wants to release a pop album, it should be something like tobyMac's albums. However, if he falls into the grasp of secular music like Kevin Max, the decent christian part of dc Talk will be placed on only Toby. Yes secular is band but think of the Newsboys, they released go which was meant for all religions and they're still doing fine.

Reply by Tyler in Calgary, AB Canada @ 19:51 on Mar 6 2008

Dude! I've been a christian my whole life. I grew up on Christian music.... I still listen to TONS of Christian music. Christians like you turn people WAY off from Christianity with all your lame little religious rules and mindsets. Jesus doesn't care who is the more "dcent Christian" part of the group. All He cares about is us caring out the works of the Father. It's a good thing I'm not God because I'd smite you right now...haha...j/k...sort of ;)

Matthew 18:6 is something you should read.

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Posted by ohdear in London @ 16:08 on Aug 4 2007

So long my friend.

Kevin max is already lost to the world, it looks like secular influences have destroyed what credibility these guys had left.

Lets hope toby doesn't go the same way too.

Reply by pderilus @ 03:48 on Jun 7 2009

you don't know what you are talking about. DC TALK is a group that not only talk about the word they also lived in the world of god. And when they did their solo project I was so pround of them because god was going to take them to higher relm Toby is going places with his hip hop styles Micheal Tait is going to be a lead singer for Newsboys And God only knows what he is doing with Kevin Max. So please do me and everyone who is a DC Talk fan STOP HATING. there is a reson god works the why he does key word IT IS ALL ACCORDING TO HIS PLAN {JUST WANTED TO DROP SOME KNOWLEDGE TO YOU} INSTEAD OF WORRING ABOUT WHAT DC TALK IS DOING MAYBE YOU SHOULD WORRY ABOUT LIVING YOUR LIFE FOR CHRIST. AND IF YOU SEE THEM SLIP MAYBE GOD IS PUTTING IN YOUR HEART TO PRAY FOR THEM. PEACE,

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Reply by Jonathan in Nashville, TN @ 15:20 on Jan 28 2009

Hey man, Don't judge Michael too quickly. Like other on here have said he said pop not secular. He's actually a good friend of "Loveology" as my former bandmate is co-writing it with him. If he ever comes out with this album it will be awesome!

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Reply by Brian Gehrlein in St. Louis @ 04:59 on Aug 19 2008

Not cool.... I disagree entirely and I am not a fan of your using the song from the Supernatural album to describe a faithful servant of Jesus Christ like Michael Tait. He is altering his sound......SO WHAT..... I say bring it on! I am supportive 100% wherever God decides to lead this cutting edge artist. If God has a specific audience to reach then he will use men and women like Michael who are willing to change and adapt to what speaks to that particular audience..... what do we have to fear......I say, "be FEARLESS Michael Tait!"

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Reply by Chris in Ohio @ 16:11 on Nov 10 2007

First of all, in Tait's full comments on his myspace, he said it was going to be released in the CCM market...secondly, just because Kevin Max writes about real life and doesn't say "God" or "Jesus" in every line, does not mean he's "lost in the world"....He's working on a gospel album called the BLOOD to be released on DECEMBER 26...its some amazing stuff...the best stuff i've heard from i've heard come out of CCM in years......check it out :

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Reply by Not Hardly in North Carolina @ 21:52 on Aug 10 2007

ohdear are you kidding me? Michael Tate said he's making a "pop" album, but he didn't say that it was secular. I'm not sure about Kevin Max, only because I haven't followed his work as closely as Michael and Toby's. If Michael can pull in "secular influences" to make a wonderful Christian album, then what is the problem with that? What if a larger audience is witnessed to because the album is pop and not rock? Wouldn't that be better? No offense, but I think you're missing the boat!

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