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Fresh Claim
Fresh Claim
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Fresh Claim: The grassroots rockers and Greenbelt favouritesFresh Claim: The grassroots rockers and Greenbelt favourites
Andrew Long reports on the London based band FRESH CLAIM led by Mags and Simon Law. [01.06.93]

Fresh Claim products
  Product Image: Fresh Claim - Backdated Claims 2007 Rock Album:
Fresh Claim - Backdated Claims
5 squares
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  Product Image: Fresh Claim - Broken 1995 Rock Mini-album:
Fresh Claim - Broken
8 squares
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  1994 Rock Album:
Fresh Claim - Songs From The The Rock Communion
More info
  1994 Rock Album:
Fresh Claim And Friends - The Rock Communion
6 squares
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  Product Image: Fresh Claim - Outstanding Claims 1993 Rock Album:
Fresh Claim - Outstanding Claims
7 squares
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  1992 Rock EP:
Fresh Claim - In Times Of Rain
4 squares
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  1991 Rock EP:
Fresh Claim - Huds Continental
More info
  1991 Rock EP:
Fresh Claim - Soapbox
6 squares
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  1989 Rock EP:
Fresh Claim - Don't Wanna Be Lke
More info
  1988 Rock Album:
Fresh Claim - No Claims Bonus
More info
  1987 Rock EP:
Fresh Claim - Odd One Out
More info

Fresh Claim Cross Rhythms air play
  • Slow Burning Candle [mp3]

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Other articles
Plankton Records:  An extraordinary tale of 40 years of Christian music Plankton Records: An extraordinary tale of 40 years of Christian music
Tony Cummings spoke to Keith Dixon to get the history of a tiny record label, PLANKTON RECORDS [15.11.18]
Greenbelt '11: The music reviews Greenbelt '11: The music reviews
The tenth installment of music reviews from the GREENBELT festival held at Cheltenham Racecourse, 26th to 29th August. [30.08.11]
Plankton Records: The London-based record companyPlankton Records: The London-based record company
Christian record companies come in all shapes and sizes. But few have shown such tenacity to stick it out supporting grassroots CCM as London's PLANKTON RECORDS. Andrew Long investigated. [01.02.96]
Dub War: The British group playing a cross between thrash metal and raggaDub War: The British group playing a cross between thrash metal and ragga
They've done storming gigs at the last two Greenbelts, lead singer Benji has given his Christian testimony on a Harry Secombe-presented TV programme and their single "Gorrit" was NME's Record Of The Week. Now their Sony distributed album seems set to take DUB WAR more unexpected places. Benji spoke to Andrew Long. [01.04.95]
Rave In The Nave: The controversial contemporary music initiative from Winchester Cathedral
In the wake of a scathing attack in the Daily Mail, the Winchester Cathedral's pioneering Rave In The Nave was put off limits to press persons. Andrew Long went there anyway. [01.06.93]

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Artist ID: 4484

Style: Rock
Approach: Evangelistic

Contact Address
Plankton Records
Country: United Kingdom

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