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Thursday 26th April 2007

Katie Giguere records version of Martina McBride's "Anyway"

AMERICAN CCM singer Katie Giguere, who had a Christian radio hit with the title track from her 'I Lift Up My Eyes' CD, has covered the number one country chart song "Anyway" by Martina McBride. The new version of "Anyway" is produced by award winning Nashville producer Jeremy Bose (Rebecca St James, Nichole Nordeman). CR

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Reader Comments

Posted by Johnnie Price in Franklin NC @ 18:03 on Feb 15 2011

I heard Katie's version to this song on XM radio. and I thought it was better than Martina Mcbride"s version. simply due to Katie's spin on praising God. at the end. I'm a guy and this brings tears to my eyes knowing how it applies to my life at time.

Posted by Concerned CCM fan in Illinois @ 15:31 on Mar 1 2008

Can someone please tell me what is Christian about the song "Anyway"? Katie is a great vocalist who doesn't need to resort to singing watered down, recycled songs such as this. I listen to CCM radio to get AWAY from country, not to hear someone else's version of a country song. Let's leave this, "Jesus Take The Wheel" and other songs with weak messages on country stations where they belong.

Reply by Katie's Dad in Nashville, TN @ 23:35 on Apr 23 2008

Hi concerned CCM Fan... I just wanted to respond to your question about why Katie decided to record the song "Anyway". We were driving home from a concert in Illinois, and Katie heard that song on the radio. She immediately began to cry because she felt the song mirrored her life and testimony. She has dreamed a dream that felt out of reach, she has sung songs of praise to God that fell on deaf ears, she has prayed out of obedience, not knowing the outcome. She felt God speaking to her through that song, and knew that if He could speak to her that way, He would speak to others as well. She felt God telling her to bring this song to His people, and she was obedient.

The difference between her singing Anyway, and Carrie Underwood singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" is that Katie has made a stand for Jesus and has indentified herself as a CCM artist. Carrie is a mainstream artist who's never chosen to proclaim her faith in her music, or take a public stand as a Christain. Though I do believe you can be a mainstream artist, and also be a genuine believer.

"Anyway" became Katie's highest charting song on Christian radio, not because it was a "cover" tune, but because people connected to the lyric, and felt the Holy Spirit speaking to them when they listened.

I hope this helps you understand. God bless.

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Posted by Mrs. Becky Eagle in Port Huron, Michigan @ 17:17 on Feb 4 2008

I fell in love with "Anyway", which is the first song I ever heard by Katie. I can't find the title CD but settled for I Lift Up My Eyes with Anyway on it. Please tell me how many CD's Katie has out, the titles & where I can buy them.
I tried my Christian book store (Family Christian) but could only get the one.
Keep singing anyway Katie, no matter what!! Your voice is a gift from God!
Bless you!
Becky Eagle

Posted by Jean Gering in Hackensack, NJ @ 20:25 on Jan 22 2008

Most parents do not have worries about the future until it becomes obvious but we parents know that every child has their struggles - and being a parent and involved in their career can be a two edge sword as the child innately wants to please the parent and the artist will try to please the manager. It is doubtful she will learn to stand as an individual and grow in her own independence w/both of these factors. Your daughter's talent is obvious however only she can decide what direction she feels led to go w/her career and she may be satisfied w/the limitations of where she lives and how the industry is more active in bigger cities - but also another aspect is the pressure of the industry to look a certain way. We still live in a industry where there are very few XL music artists out there. I providing some food for thought here -that has less calories.

Reply by shelly c in Chicago, IL @ 14:02 on Jul 15 2009

I heard Katie a couple years ago in concert and through her testimony found her to be a nice and sensitive young woman. She sings with strong emotion however it did appear at that time though she shared about struggles with weight and body acceptance it was evident that she was not truly happy with where she was -most people that have long term weight struggle have deeper issues - often times it related to acceptance and issues of disappointing those you love. If Katie's parents have been closely involved in her music career it might be time for them to release some control and let her walk, stumble at times and gain strength on her own - they may want to be a part of her success but often times this could mean being a support but not actively involved. There is no blaming here but rarely is a person able to work freely with their parents in the entertainment industry the same as a non-relative. For some reason her father has expressed his opinion with every posting especially ones that he feels are not as supportive and somehow brings it back to the writer. If this is posted and he replies - the answer is "Yes" I know what it is like to struggle with weight and "Yes" I do know what it is like to have a child in the music industry - we let ours go after a short time of involvement and she is doing well and very happy. Continued success to Katie and may she slowly step out on her own and see all that God has for her.

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Reply by Marc Giguere in Nashville @ 23:19 on Apr 23 2008


I'm not sure why you feel so compelled to push this theory of yours that Katie cannot possibly be a well-balanced, positive young Christian woman if I (her father) am involved in her career, but I encourage you to email her directly and ask her whatever question you feel would put your mind at ease. Do you have a child who has gone astray? If so, my prayers are with you, but thankfully, Katie continues to be a well-adjusted grounded you lady who makes all of us proud. You can reach her directly at Blessings to you.

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Posted by Katie's Dad in Nashville, TN @ 04:17 on Dec 11 2007


I agree with you. However, let me assure you, that, being in Katie's life, as her father, and watching her and her husband grow.. I can say with confidence that I have no worries about their future. Praise God. Feel free to email me directly at Blessings

Posted by Marc Giguere in Nashville, TN @ 13:53 on Jun 22 2007

How FUNNY! This is Katie's dad, Marc. I can assure you, though I am involved in Katie's career, we are certainly miles away from anything resembling the Simpson's or Lohan's. Katie is happily married and a grounded, mature young Christian woman. Thanks for the comments though! I am so very proud of Katie and her accomplishments.

Reply by Jean Gering in Hackensack, NJ @ 00:17 on Sep 14 2007

Every family hopes their child will not follow in the unfortunate path as some of the music artists/actors in the spotlight - whether it be the of drugs, alcohol, food, sex and other indulgences - sometimes the families do not notice their contribution as they are too close to the situation but others should try to alert them and the family should be open to what is said.

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Posted by Jean Gering in Hackensack, NJ @ 04:03 on May 17 2007

Another song for Katie - that is the best news...looks like she is stepping in where her mom left off in singing pursuit. Though her whole family is involved in her career - hopefully it wont end up like the simpson or lohan family troubles.

Posted by Danielle Squires in Los Angeles, CA @ 21:18 on Apr 26 2007

OMG, I LOVE Katie's voice, and I feel she is one of the most under rated CCM artists of the day. She has passion, power, and is SO unique in this sea of cookie cutter artists we have served up to us today. THANK you for letting me know about Katie. Where can I hear this song??

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