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Liquid: Latino Hip-Hop And R&B NewcomerLiquid: Latino Hip-Hop And R&B Newcomer
Mike Rimmer spoke to producer and artist LIQUID about his debut album. [13.07.06]

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  Product Image: Liquid - Tales From The Badlands 2005 R&B Album:
Liquid - Tales From The Badlands
8 squares
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Rusty Shipp:  An experimental rock team who aren't yacht rockRusty Shipp: An experimental rock team who aren't yacht rock
Toby Fournier reports on the Nashville-based rockers RUSTY SHIPP [08.11.19]
Dave Cooper: Preparing to sing "The Lord's Prayer" to 80,000 worshippers Dave Cooper: Preparing to sing "The Lord's Prayer" to 80,000 worshippers
Tony Cummings quizzed blues rock singer DAVE COOPER about his highly eventful life [03.06.12]
Greenbelt '10: The Music ReviewsGreenbelt '10: The Music Reviews
Our annual music review of the GREENBELT festival held at Cheltenham Racecourse. [01.09.10]
Andy Thomson: Songs of deliverenceAndy Thomson: Songs of deliverence
Tony Cummings goes to Merseyside, meets ANDY THOMSON and discovers a very special worship ministry. [01.04.98]
Thre3: The unsigned alternative rock bandThre3: The unsigned alternative rock band
One of the most thrilling of America's thousands of "unsigned" alternative rock bands are THRE3 from Corpus Christi. Their leader, PR, spoke to Andrew Privett. [01.12.96]

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Artist ID: 9918

Style: Hip-Hop
Approach: Ministry
Country: United States

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