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Roly Johnson: Songs of a shepherdRoly Johnson: Songs of a shepherd
A Geordie singer/songwriter with an exceptional line in gritty realism, ROLY JOHNSON has just released an outstanding album. Mike Rimmer reports. [01.04.99]

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  Product Image: Roly Johnson - One Grain Of Sand 2006 Roots/Acoustic Album:
Roly Johnson - One Grain Of Sand
9 squares
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  Product Image: Roly Johnson - Travelling Light 1999 Roots/Acoustic Album:
Roly Johnson - Travelling Light
10 squares
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  1992 Roots/Acoustic Album:
Roly Johnson - Blue Skies, Dark Nights
6 squares
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  Product Image: Roly Johnson - Heaven Isn't Far 1989 Roots/Acoustic Single:
Roly Johnson - Heaven Isn't Far
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Other articles
Tony Cummings: British CCM past, present and future
Tony Cummings looks at British CCM, yesterday, today and tomorrow. [01.04.95]
City Lights: A closer look at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Continuing our series where we visit cities across Britain to discover what is happening on the Christian music scene; Mike Rimmer went back to his place of birth to bring us this report on Newcastle-upon-Tyne. [01.03.02]
Sidelong Glance - December 1991/January 1992
Where our Intrepid editorial team takes an askance look at the weird and wonderful world of music and media. [01.12.91]
Roland Johnson Bell: Lone ranger on a system-bucking-broncoRoland Johnson Bell: Lone ranger on a system-bucking-bronco
Roland Johnson Bell is better known as Roly, if "known" is the right word for a rock gospel singer who seems to defiantly shun any trappings of fame and fortune. Words by Tony Cummings, photos by Ian Bosworth. [01.05.90]

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Artists database
Artist ID: 8875

Style: Roots/Acoustic
Approach: Ministry
Country: United Kingdom

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