Life isn't just about us. It's about other people too. This is a room for you to pray for other people and their situations, our government and leaders, anything that's not ourselves. Stand in the gap and shake heaven. Shoulder other people's burdens and care. Shout God's grace, goodness and provision for them. Pray God's heart.

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Threatening Neighbour

Dear Jesus Thank u 4 hearing our prayers .Lord please protect me and the othe soul concerned from his threats. he has threatened to burn down my flat and harm me. Heal me and V mercy Lord

Submitted by F on 24 Feb 2012

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muslims in Nigeria

please pray for Muslims in Nigeria to know Jesus. i thank you, Jesus, for the revival that is taking place there, and for Reinhard Bonnke and his team and others like him.

Submitted by c on 21 Feb 2012

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job interviews

Lord i pray for my friends J, M and L. J and M have job interviews and L has just had one. i pray Lord that you will grant them favour. In Your Precious Name. Amen

Submitted by c on 21 Feb 2012

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Thankyou Lord God without you, life would not be worth living. May You bless others to give them strength to reach out to young and old in out community. Praying for our family and friends during these hard times. May we focus on your love to reach out and touch others. My we forever keep shining for you. My christian Faith and music is nothing without you. Give us strength and courage to teach our children your love and compassion through Jesus Christ our Lord. I pray also for my husband and children and may they find peace through your love also Jesus. Guide us and Keep us. Praise the Lord Amen

Submitted by fiona on 26 Dec 2011

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Help Lord! I feel so bitter and helpless I am sick of people hurting me there is so little to live for and look faward too. My life hurts like crazy!! When will I have a job a husband a family? I have suffered so many years why do you not bring blessing. Lord I can't forgive anyone in my own strength. Please save me from my hatred and bitter dissappointment. It is so hard watching crul people year apon year roll in blessings while I struggle to pay for water and gas and the like. Save me God!!

Submitted by Tamra on 1 Dec 2011

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Fire from Heaven

Oh Father, my Almighty God, today I ask that you lose the arrows of Fire from Heaven upon Michael B's head. Father, there where he is struggling to find a job and to be the man that You want him to be, let Your Arrows touch him and grant him heart's ease. Abba Father, Your Word in Matt 21 vs 22 says ask in My name and Believing you will receive, so Father You know I believe with my heart and soul and I believe every word your USER-FRIENDLY-MANUAL-FOR-LIFE says and so I place my trust in You that You will answer my heart's cry today for dear, precious Michael. Bless him abundantly from the coffers of Heaven. Let him know that You never forget him. Father, keep him safe and tuned into Your radio station. Father, it is urgent that this man should feel worthy again. I know that this Prayer of my reaches right into Your Throne Room and that You will answer for above all You Are Faithful. Thank you, my Father, for listening to your earthly daughter. I love You, Abba Father, I worship You, I adore You and I would be so lost without You. xxxxxxxxx

Submitted by Bernadette on 22 Nov 2011

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My siblings

God bless you in advance for your labor and prayers. Please pray for Jeffrey and Tania, casting out the spirits of depression low self esteem, distorted self image, and lonliness, and that the Lord gives them beauty for ashes, oil of joy mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, in the name of Jesus. Pray that Abba Father break, cancel and nullify the power, control and influence of the enemy over their lives, in the name of Jesus. Pray for blessings and favor on their finances and debt cancellation, in the name of Jesus. Pray also that Our Father cancels, reverses, nullifies, and renders harmless and ineffective all hard, harsh words, all word curses, all words spoken contrary to the will of the Father, all self-inflicted word curses by negative confession skoken to, about or by them, in the name of Jesus. Pray that their prayers and supplications be met by Jehovah Jireh, our Provider; that the Holy Spirit comforts them, leds and guides them each and every day, Abba Fathers envelopes them in His love and places them in the right place at the right time, the blood of Jesus covers them, their seed, households, finances, all that concerns them, and that Jesus is with them. I come in agreement with each and everyone of interceding for my siblings, that God's will be done in their lives and yours for your obedience, in the mighty, wonderful and power name of the Lord Jesus Christ! I bless your name Lord, I give You all the glory due Your name, now and forevermore. Blessed be God my Father, the Great I Am, God the Son, my Savior, Master, Redeemer, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and God the Holy Spirit, my Helper, the Spirit of the Living God, the comforter, who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in guidance. By Faith I call these things to be not as though they were, DONE, in the name of Jesus, now! Have a blessed life!

Submitted by Veronica on 13 Nov 2011

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Home comming

Thank you King God plez bless my fried becca in the school she goes too to many people have guns and knives. Lord Jesus Christ send phrophets to reveal to the school were the knives are so that you will save the teachers and kids like me an Kizzy and Addie. thanking you Big God bigger that gang culture

Submitted by Tilly on 1 Nov 2011

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moving vs still

Lord, you are gracious; just send your angels, as many as you can muster (which is surely many!) send them up with our prayers and down with your touch.. ...guidance ....wisdom & help A-men

Submitted by stuwart on 2 Oct 2011

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Hurting soul

When are you going to bless me and save me How long LORD! How long I am 31 now! when when when. Please save me Lord I need you so much ! Thank you for money to pay for my holiday I so need it Lord !! please pay my bills Lord . Save me from the evil things people at my old church said about me. Please bless my life Lord. I can not find my phone. Please save me from the pain I am going through. How can I keep quite about the evil words the church has said about me save me from my health problems!

Submitted by F on 30 Sep 2011

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