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Articles by Doug Giles
A Profane Faith
Doug Giles challenges us to live out our faith [27.06.06]
The Bulldog Attitude: Get it or Get Left Behind
Doug Giles encourages us to stear clear of poodles [07.02.06]
Riding The Storm Out
No where in the scripture has God ever assured anyone, baptized or not, of a carefree, no conflict existence. [20.10.05]
Publik Skule vs. Home School - A Personal Perspective
Getting your kids away from the prison-like public school system to study the basics and pursue their educational and athletic interests. [20.09.05]
Raising Pit Bull Children
Your Pit Bull son or daughter has unlimited potential for greatness. Set them up, and then set them free to be great Pit Bulls. [10.08.05]
Robust Faith III
Are you a man or woman who has a passion for effective action? Someone who understands that when insanity seems sane and unfaithfulness appears okey dokey, to settle for business-as-usual Christianity would be a slap in God's face. [24.06.05]
Robust Faith Part II
If you want to jack up the excellence of your Christian experience and have a substantial faith that effectively works outside of the religious box, then close communion with God via the scripture and prayer is non-negotiable. [02.05.05]
Robust Faith
Want to see change come in your nation? Then check out this article. Doug puts on his boxing gloves and takes a look at how that change starts with us. [01.04.05]
Misinterpreting The Hand Of God
Ever had difficult times? Or even disastrous times? Doug has a fresh perspective on our hard circumstances - that they might even be for our own good.... [01.03.05]
Got Salt?
Are you a genteel placater of people or do you have a resilient thick hide and attitude of a bulldog? Get ready to be shaken. [01.02.05]

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