Chris Cole writes about his new role as GOD TV's UK Regional Director

Chris Cole FRSA
Chris Cole FRSA

This is a momentous time. After 23 years as founder and CEO of Cross Rhythms, from October 1st 2005 the Lord has led me into a new role as the UK Regional Director for the global Christian TV initiative, GOD TV.

This may seem like a quick decision, but far from being sudden this direction has come after more than a year and a half's discussion between Rory and Wendy Alec at GOD TV, myself and the Cross Rhythms trustees. It was an extremely difficult decision to make after birthing and establishing Cross Rhythms over so many pioneering years, but all the counsel I received knew it was the right direction for my wife Kerry and I to take.

As a keen supporter and follower of Cross Rhythms you need to know that I am convinced that this is the Lord's doing and His timing, and as such will only be good for Cross Rhythms too.

With Cross Rhythms we have travailed to establish a Christian media voice that can credibly stand up in contemporary society. When we started, for many in the church, rock n roll was 'of the devil'. Now there are many movements within the church making significant progress in engaging relevantly with today's society and not afraid to use the cultural expressions of the day such as radio and music, to do so.

Our vision for many years has been to 'build the vehicle'. Now it is time to pass that vehicle on for the next generation to drive and take it somewhere. My heart has always been to be a bridge between one generation and the next. To do my best to ensure that the baton gets passed on and to see the next generation has the best opportunity to advance the cause of Christ in their generation.

We have never seen Cross Rhythms as simply an organization that is built around one man's vision and everyone serves him. We have seen it as a community of disciples where as each grows in their personal faith under God their level of influence and responsibility for establishing the Kingdom of God grows within the community. Jonathan Bellamy has been with us for 13 years and has been like a son in the faith to me. He picks up the mantle of running Cross Rhythms because it has been confirmed over the years that he is God's choice to take it on. It has been a close mentoring role, similar to a Paul/Timothy or Moses/Joshua relationship, and I have every confidence in him and his wife Heather to take Cross Rhythms forward from where Kerry and I have brought it.

In many ways you won't recognise much change in Cross Rhythms since Jon has been functioning as the General Manager for the past four years and has already put much strategy in place. I will still be presenting the Cross Rhythms Experience and my voice will on occasion be heard on Cross Rhythms. I am also developing the collaboration of the 'Word in Action' with Cross Rhythms, the Gilead Foundations and Cornerstone Vision. Our culture at Cross Rhythms is very relational. Jon has become a Father in the faith in his own right and I have now become a Grandfather. We are all, however, still family.

What is vital, as the baton is passed onto the next generation, is that the younger generation needs to be supported and resourced by the older generation before it; just like David provided the resource for Solomon to build the temple.

If you would like to consider supporting Cross Rhythms at this time; and to invest into the younger generation picking up the baton, encouraging them to press boldly on into the new land and new season set before them then you can do so from our donations page.

It has been a privilege to share this part of the journey with you. I hope you will recognize that my move to God TV is not a leaving of Cross Rhythms but an expansion of the strategy of God. There has been a close working relationship between Cross Rhythms and God TV for more than 8 years and I believe this move will only strengthen that relationship. God-willing it will empower more effective Christian media in the UK for the years ahead. Something that I believe is vital to reach our nation for the Lord Jesus.

Yours in Christ

Chris Cole
Former Cross Rhythms CEO CR

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