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Andrea Williams
Andrea Williams


SPUC: Director John Smeaton says "Pray and fast to protect Northern Ireland from the British Abortion Act".

Daily Mail: "I was raped and left pregnant at 16...but I still love my baby".

SPUC: Director John Smeaton says: "Morning-after pills can interrupt a pregnancy at an early stage".


Scotsman: Bright future for leukaemia girl after stem-cell transplant from umbilical cord.

BBC News: First "fast-freeze" IVF baby born.

Channel 4: Taking the contraceptive pill can lead a woman to choose the "wrong" partner, a new study suggests.


Telegraph: A "Substantial number" of clergy will leave over plans for women bishops, warn senior clergy.

Times: Nineteen bishops in the Church of England came to the defence of the Archbishop of Canterbury last night and his views on homosexual sex.

Highland News: A Highland minister heads off to the Beijing Olympics next week to spread the word about his book on Scottish gold medallist Eric Liddell.


Telegraph: Rise in drug use sees more than 1,200 children hospitalised last year.