Suzie explores the far reaching arms of Gods grace in this sensitive feature.

Suzie Brock
Suzie Brock

For the most part every article written on these subjects starts out with sad and shocking statistics. Since you are probably more than aware of the overwhelming problem and most likely know of someone who has encountered one or both subjects, I won't trouble you any further. Let's just say it's there, it's real and we need help!

So why do these things happen? Could it be that He (God) is sitting on His throne in the heavenlies looking for those who have crossed Him, so that He might inflict on us pain and suffering and unwanted circumstances as a punishment?

Or maybe, He really is the great and wonderful Father who created us all with a destiny and purpose; laid out a terrific blueprint to reach those destinys and we just got off onto the wrong road, missed the mark. Maybe you disobeyed what you knew at the moment was a wrong choice and woke up the next morning realising that your life was changed forever, and not necessarily for the better!

Is it possible to find your way back? Is there forgiveness, healing, help? YES. Something tells me you're not surprised by my answer, after all this is a Christian article based on faith in God and His mercy. But the good news is that it is a reality! As much a reality as the baby growing in the young girl who didn't think it could happen the 'first time', or the young man suffering from pain never felt before, or even the emotional pain of a 'wrong road' relationship.

God is big, He is full of mercy, He bleeds forgiveness and for some reason He has chosen to love us despite our tendency to wander off the chosen path; and away from the love of a Creator for His Creation; or to put it another way, the love of a perfect Father for His less than perfect child.

Now what? Does deciding to run to God, beg His forgiveness, receive His son Jesus (the one who paid the ultimate price on the cross that we might not endure this pain) make the problem go away? It's the right start, but unfortunately the seeds we planted along that 'wrong road' trip are now coming to fruition. Ever heard the term "reaping what you sow"? Despite what some believe of God, He is not the big Father Christmas in the sky, nor the genie in the lamp, who upon rubbing Him just the right way will grant you your three greatest wishes. But what He is, is a true Father, a Father who refuses to leave us alone in our mess, and always has a plan to redeem us. A God who when we call upon Him for help, will in fact come and help, stay beside us, walk us through, and lead us back to a path better suited for us. After all, He knows us better than we know ourselves.

So you've found yourself with an unwanted pregnancy. You may be surprised, but God is not. He has a plan for that child, just as He still has for you. Whether that plan is for adoption, or for a new life with you as the parent, either way the plan is for life. Call on Him, see if He won't come and meet you in your deepest need. Consider it a challenge.

HIV positive, Aids or an STD ravaging your body? Is He great enough, big enough, able to handle what even the best doctors have not been able too?
Yes, He is great enough! God is able to heal both the physical, emotional and spiritual sicknesses we face. He will walk us through the storms of life, and when the time comes accompany us into a new one.

"But by the Grace of God, go I", is a phrase often spoken by well meaning Christians trying hard to be compassionate, but in reality it is a truth. We are all subject to 'bad directions", we have all made choices that we regret; sometimes with great repercussions, sometimes not. God however does not change, His love for us remains the same. His availability to us is one of the greatest comforts and most staggering acts of love. He is available to you, this day and every day, no matter what your situation may be. He will meet you on the 'road' and lead you the rest of the way if you ask. Just ask. CR

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