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Mal FletcherEdges: Blame Culture
In his TV series Edges, Christian communicator and broadcaster MAL FLETCHER examines some of the big issues of the day. Here, Mal writes about personal responsibility. If you don't like it, don't blame him... [09.03.05]
Chip KendallThat Mysterious Cross
CHIP K of thebandwithnoname continues his unflinching look at that centrepoint of Christianity, the cross. [08.03.05]
Kerry ColeWhen Words Hurt
Ever been told 'sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you'? Know how wrong that is? Kerry draws from her own experience in this article helping us deal with those wounds. [02.03.05]
Doug GilesMisinterpreting The Hand Of God
Ever had difficult times? Or even disastrous times? Doug has a fresh perspective on our hard circumstances - that they might even be for our own good.... [01.03.05]
Doug GilesGot Salt?
Are you a genteel placater of people or do you have a resilient thick hide and attitude of a bulldog? Get ready to be shaken. [01.02.05]
Chris Cole FRSAAunty Shoots Herself In The Foot Over The Jerry Springer Programme
Read Chris Cole's comments on the controversial TV broadcast on BBC2 of 'Jerry Springer the Opera'. [10.01.05]
Suzie BrockThe Reason
Suzie tells us about someone she's totally in love with in this personal article. [05.01.05]
Doug GilesThe Dark Side Of The Moon
Life not perfect? Doug checks out why that might be the case for us all in this honest feature. [03.01.05]
Mal FletcherEdges: Smoking In Public
Mal Fletcher looks at the issue of smoking in public. [20.12.04]
Chip KendallThat Mysterious Cross
CHIP K of thebandwithnoname continues his examination of one of the key factors of Christianity, the cross. [13.12.04]

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