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David DolanTensions Build As Withdrawal Nears
Israel Update for June 2005 [08.07.05]
Tony LoefflerWho Taught You To Do It That Way?
Tony holds Gods mirror to our faces in this hard hitting article for us to look at the issues close to Gods heart. [06.07.05]
David EvansThe Serious Side Of Our Saviour
He's looking for the fruit of the Spirit. He's needs it now. He's hungry for it now! Where are you at? [04.07.05]
Tom BrockSeek Me To Find Me - Part 2
In this 4 part series, Tom opens up his heart helping us into a more loving relationship with God. [01.07.05]
Stephen BennettThe Power & Purposes of Music - Elevation
Seeing fulfillment in your art and pursuing something far greater than self-oriented fame and glory. [29.06.05]
Stephen CrosbyLoose Lions Don't Need Feeding
The 21st century believer must break out of the preaching, praying, Psalm singing ghetto of societal irrelevancy that the Church has become. We must recover the biblical mandate to bring the message of redemption's hope to all of society. [27.06.05]
Doug GilesRobust Faith III
Are you a man or woman who has a passion for effective action? Someone who understands that when insanity seems sane and unfaithfulness appears okey dokey, to settle for business-as-usual Christianity would be a slap in God's face. [24.06.05]
Open DoorsA Sore Subject
Persecution of Christians is on the rise but do we care? [18.05.05]
Tom BrockSeek Me To Find Me - Part 1
In this 4 part series, Tom opens up his heart helping us into a more loving relationship with God. [17.05.05]
Mal FletcherEdges: Trust
In his ongoing series Christian communicator Mal Fletcher examines some of the big issues of the day. Here Mal writes about that political and moral hot potato, trust. [12.05.05]

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