Psalm 45:11

One of the biggest lies we believe in this time is that beauty is skin deep. We believe that beauty is dependent upon being a size 10, or having a six pack and clear skin complexion. I believe that it is this lie which causes people to have low self esteem which, in turn prevents them from being who God wants them to be. This lie captures a free spirit and puts it in bondage.

Low self esteem caused by this lie tells people that they are unwanted because of their looks, that they can't be sucessful in anything because they don't have the look, that they are not needed to serve. The reality is they have exactly what the church may need at that time, and the enemy knows that so he has told them they are ugly and worthless. People perceive themselves to be ugly because they don't fit a narrow mould set in the media, and as a result people hide their beauty which God wants to use to captivate the hearts and lives of the people around them.

I stood chatting to a friend the other morning and I was captivated by her beauty. My friend is not what the world would describe as 'body beautiful' but she is beautiful - full stop. As I chatted with my friend I saw the beauty, the eternal beauty locked inside of her and I was blown away. As I chatted I saw her beauty overflow into our conversation and it was amazing. I saw Jesus in her, but the most frustrating thing for me is that I know my friend cannot accept the plain truth that she is beautiful.

If you are someone who has hidden themselves away because they don't fit the media mould, I beg you come out. The church needs you, God has a plan for you, God has given you a gift and the body needs it. Don't hide yourself away, God needs you, the church needs you, the lost need to see your inner beauty- which believe it or not radiates above and beyond the skin. Don't allow the world and it's lie bind your dreams but rather let the Spirit and your relationship with the Father release you to live life and life to the full.

Psalm 45 v 11
The King is enthralled by your beauty; honour Him, for He is the Lord.

God has given you eternal beauty and like any good Father he wants to show you off to the world, because you are precious and he's enthralled with your beauty. So honour your Father and allow Him to lift you up- He loves you, you are his son or daughter and He wants you to live life not hide from it.

If only mirrors would show inner beauty. Next time you look in the mirror stand there a bit longer and look through the image and try to see the inner beauty put in you in creation, designed for a divine destiny.

Beauty skin deep may capture attention, but it is beauty Spirit deep which captivates.

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