1 Peter 5:8

Glyn Barrett
Glyn Barrett


Glyn Barrett is Director of Youth Alive UK and Audacious - a revolutionary national youth conference for 11- 35's.

In this devotional series, Glyn offers thoughts for each day, taken from his first book, 'If I was the Devil' - out now. (Sovereign Word, 2004).

With an irresistible mixture of wicked humour and wise words, he will stir you to take hold of your life, and pursue your God-given destiny.

1. If I was the Devil.

Having been brought up in the church, the son of a minister, and having been involved in youth pastoring for 15 years, I have seen a few things. I have seen youth come and go. I've seen them pray and make great declarations before God and I have seen those same awesome youth walk away from God!

The amazing thing is that it always seems to be the same reasons, the same excuses and the same circumstances that cause youth to walk away from the real adventure that life with God offers.

The Bible says in 1 Peter 5:8 that the devil is like ".a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour!" Now, I don't mind him roaring, freaky though it may be, it's the devouring part that frightens me. And let's face it; he's had thousands of years' experience in leading young people away from God, getting them to the point where he devours them.

It's about time the Daniel generation rose up and shut the mouth of the lion. Daniel was in the lions' den (Daniel chapter 6), where the lions weren't just roaring, they were about to start devouring too! They were hungry! But Daniel's courage, integrity and pursuit of God shut the mouth of the lions.
In your life the devil may be roaring loudly, but if we take out his teeth - what can he do? These devotions are like a dentist's surgery. One by one we are going to take out the devil's teeth, so that he can no longer make you believe the lies he has fed you for years. If he's got no teeth - he'll just have to try and gum you to death!
Spend just seven days with this series, and it'll change your life! You see, if I was the devil, the first thing I would do is help you find an excuse NOT to read it!!
Have fun, I know you will, but above all, be empowered! You're awesome!!

PRAYER: Dear God, In the next seven days, I pray you will teach me to live like Daniel lived. Help me to avoid the Devil's traps, and live for you with passion. Amen.

Devotion extract taken from the book, "If I was the Devil". Written by Glyn Barrett. Published by Sovereign World, ISBN 1852404035. £4.99

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