2 Kings 2: 1-18, Ephesians 3: 20, Proverbs 23: 7, Proverbs 4: 23

Glyn Barrett
Glyn Barrett

Take a moment to read 2 Kings 2: 1-18
In verse 1 it says, "When the Lord was about to." We have to understand that God is always about to do something. All He needs are the people who will say; "God here I am use me!"

In 1993, I lived in Sydney. My best mate & I decided to go into the city centre, to hear the announcement of who had won the right to host the 2000 Olympics. As the day of the announcement drew near, we were tired, & decided to watch it on t.v instead of going to the centre. As it was announced that Sydney had won the right to host the games, the whole city centre began to party, Fireworks, bands & free barbecues. It was an amazing party!! My friend looked at me & said; "Mate - we missed it!" We had the chance to be a part of something incredible, but chose instead to be comfortable in the lounge room.
Hey, God wants to do something radical with your life & you need to make a decision not to miss it. Jesus said in John 10: 10 that He came to give life & life to the full. Too many people settle for life, when in actual fact God wants them to have life to the full! In others words, your life becomes the party that my friend & I missed out on.

Positional faith is all about making sure we are the right people, in the right place at the right time, so that we don't say; "We missed the party!"

There are six questions from 2 Kings 2: 1-18 we need to ask ourselves if we want to position ourselves right.


verse 1 says: "...Elijah & Elisha..."
When I was a student, we used to have study triplets! Three of us would get together to study for the exams, but we would study different parts of the subject each. Then we would teach each other the stuff we had learnt so that together we had studied the whole subject. If one of my study partners hadn't done his job well, it would affect the way I wrote the answers in the exam.
It is exactly the same in life. Choose friends who will help you, and encourage you, as you pursue God & your career! If you want to be a world changer, hang out with those who are! Who are you with? & how can they help you be all you can be? It's a good question!


Verse 1 says they were "...on their way..."
It was easy for God to use Elisha because he was already on his way pursuing destiny & purpose!

My friend Alan had a very cool car when I was 18 years old. It had electric everything! One day, as he was pulling into a petrol station, he saw some of the girls from the college class hanging around outside the shop. So being very cool, as he turned into the service station, he turned off his engine so he could glide into the forecourt to get some petrol. He didn't realise, that when he turned off the engine, the power steering cut out too! Instead of coasting up next to the petrol pump, he ran into the pump, knocked it over, and looked very dumb as the girls pointed and laughed at him!

He couldn't steer the car because the engine wasn't on! It's the same with God & us; it is very difficult for God to direct us if we are doing nothing! Our spirit is like the engine to the car. We need to make sure it's running by; praying, reading the Bible & serving in the church. When we do that, God sees & is easily able to direct us & position us so that we don't miss what He is going to do!

Incidentally, choose friends who are going in the same direction as you. Choose friends who love God, & choose a boy friend or girlfriend who loves God also! Where are you going?


In verses 2,4,6 Elijah says to Elisha "...stay here..."
Elisha was busy pursuing God's plan for his life, BUT he was continually being told to stop. They were huge obstacles for him. The man he respected the most, was telling him to stop! What Obstacles do you face? The truth is this, if your life is going to be significant for God, you will face obstacles! Obstacles come in all shapes & sizes. Maybe your parents fight, are divorced, maybe its not being understood, or maybe its not being able to understand. Whatever it is, you need to dig down dip & keep going, because you can beat any obstacle! Don't ever say the obstacle is too big. It never is!

Why are there obstacles? Because you're becoming a person significance & God is lining you up to be in the centre of His party when it kicks off!


In Verses 2,4,6, Elisha shows his passion by saying "...I will not leave you..."
The Bible says in Proverbs 23: 7 "As a man thinks - so he is". In otherwords; Your life will lead you toward your most dominant thought!

Proverbs also says in 4: 23 "Above all else, guard your heart, because out of it will come the issues of life." The word "issues" literally means borders or boundaries!