2 Chronicles 16: 9, 2 Chronicles 15: 2

Johnny Douglas
Johnny Douglas

Guess what God wants...? Not great youth programs. Not snazzy worship. Not excellent events or structures, not even lots of your energetic best... God wants a right heart in you!

Hear it loud and clear from the old testament scrolls - 2 Chronicles 16:9
'For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show
Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.'

The Lord is looking for people whose hearts are true to Him. And the request is followed up by a promise to be delivered!! Heavenly strength comes to those who do earthly obedience!! Are you willing?? He is eager to 'show Himself strong' on behalf of people, those who know the meaning of loyalty. Asa, the king of Judah is the bloke who is spoken to and is a good man in many respects. The general shape of his life was ok / commendable, but there were times when his decisions were well wobbly. Earlier, he gets a key message from the prophets, 'The Lord is with you while you are with Him. If you seek Him, He will be found by you; but if you forsake Him, He will forsake you'
(2 Chronicles 15:2).

Hey what a load of challenge for you & me!?

This warning was not always taken, and when Asa left his duty, he forfeited the help of our God who fights on behalf of "those whose hearts are wholly his"
There is hardly a quality more precious than loyalty.

Consider the cluster of words in our language that denote this trait.
Faithfulness and fidelity shout a big YES to vows, promises & obligations -- the fulfilment of duty and the keeping of promises.

Allegiance means that one has been true to an authority to which he is subject. And the word loyalty itself gives us the picture of a person who has such a commitment and devoted attachment to something that he or she is
not easily turned aside.

Think of the good things that would come out of a serious application of these ideas to our seeking after God! It would be transforming!! If we sought Him with a loyalty that He could count on, a faithful love that would hold us at His side, what strength He would make available to us!

Our greatest need is for this honour that holds steadfastly to all the truth we know of God, however little that may be at present. Our need to hold fast to God knowing that He holds us strong in His hand,.. Recognising though the warning that if we turn our back on what we know of Him, then, as traitors, we cut ourselves off from His help at the time we need it most.

Surely we'd never wish our lives to betray the lover of our souls?? What would compete anyhow with what our God promises??! Remember it. Know it. Stand on it, Apply it & Growth in it! He offers strength for the loyal heart,..

So go on give your heart to His afresh. God wants your heart to be so right,...
so here's to daily aligning it, reordering it, surrendering it to the beauty of His purposes!! Show yourself willing for a heart towards God. One that's loyal and ALWAYS His and into it He will pour the best and finest...

Here's trusting we are willing? For surely He is able!! CR

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