1 Kings 3 & 4, Ecclesiastes 1

Johnny Douglas
Johnny Douglas

'Mathematics really do matter!', was what was drummed into me at school. It was never a strong point, the whole mental computation thing, but let me try out the following formula on you that I came up with earlier this week:
In-formation + Re-definition = Trans-formation.

I think too many Christians settle for information. We're well informed. Perhaps even to the point of overload. We're educated way beyond our level of obedience. But have our hearts and minds been transformed?

I think one key to transformation is redefinition. The way we internalize things is by redefining them in terms that make sense to us. All of us have filters and categories. We process things based on our past experiences. And we've got to use those past experiences to help us personalize truth. Let me give an example:

I've been thinking about the parable of the talents a lot lately. My passion is to unearth buried talent. The mental image I get is of those quirky gents with metal detectors combing the beach looking for "buried treasure." That simple connection personalizes or internalizes the parable of the talents because I put it into my categories. I think of it in terms of my past experiences. And it becomes more meaningful. My desire is to have a metal detector in hand combing our days & years for God-given potential. This is part of redefinition. It's unique. A metal detector is my way of redefining that information in the parable of the talents. And it transforms the way I think about it

Life is a series of events and information that without reflection remain meaningless. Unless we take time to digest that which happens to us, both the good and the bad and then respond to it appropriately, then everything is meaningless. Without reflection life becomes a series of static events that have no greater purpose. However, as Christians we are assured that everything happens for a reason.

The reflection is also wisdom. It's the combination of knowledge, experiences, reflection, and then response that gives life meaning. Otherwise, we are no better than King Solomon 1 Kings 3 & 4 who had all the wisdom in the world, but never allowed that wisdom to shape his life. Without this change-bringing-wisdom, we are left with the same conclusion that Solomon makes at the end of his life, "everything is meaningless." Ecclesiastes 1

Yes we must have an informed faith, but the desire of God is that we live transformed lives! That the wisdom of God might bring change to all we are is the greatest reward this side of heaven. In the end the only thing that does add up is that we experience the transforming change of Christ. That equation of, 'God in me being the hope of glory' is my daily encouragement, whatever my ability with sums!!.

- This is dedicated to a proper mathmatican I am blessed to know: thanks Dr JP.  CR

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