Philippians 4: 11-12

Matt Deaville
Matt Deaville

It's one of the greatest privileges in humanity.
It can be the distinction between wealth and poverty, being educated and uneducated, lazy and active and it absolutely determines your destiny...

It's the decisions you make !!

Every single day you are making tens and hundreds of decisions.

Some are subconscious, either
- because it's a part of a pattern of decisions you've already made (i.e. every Friday you go to the gym)
- or a principle you live by (i.e. I don't do drugs)
- and some are so simple that they don't require much thought - (i.e. cornflakes or frosties for breakfast)

On the other hand some decisions require much deliberation, either because it's a number of choices or a dilemma (an either or sitaution).

Here's 2 questions I want you to answer

1) What are the simple decisions you've made or will make today
2) What are the big decisions you will have to face in life.

I've recently asked a couple of groups what are the 3 biggest decisions you will have to face in life. Invariably the range of answers come back:

- career, university, partner, children

What are your big 3 that you think you will have to face or have faced?

Here's what I would suggest in reverse order are the big 3:

3) Children
2) Marriage
1) Christianity

3 big decisons because they're so life changing. I put Christianity number 1 because I believe this is the one thing that has eternal implications and affects you personally now and forever. Secondly marriage because your partner is the one you spend most time with and can influence you the most and thirdly children because of the change in lifestyle required for the demands of parenting.

Meanwhile if you don't have to face any of those yet here's 3 decisions I want to recommend to you that everyone should be getting on with:

1) Be active - laziness prevents your destiny outworking itself. Whether it's a job or voluntary role, activity gives good discipline.

Vidal Sassoon once said, "the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary."

2) Be generous - don't wait for wealth before you become generous, give of your time and money to better others and you'll be the one who wins.

3) Be content - the apostle Paul said, "I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content." This is a goal for my life whether things go well for me or badly, to remain with a great attitude, to be content.

Have a go at the above, and determine to make good decisions because decisions determine your destiny ! CR

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