Numbers 13: 1, 27-33, Numbers 14: 1-10, 22-24, Phillipians 4: 6

Matt Deaville
Matt Deaville

Here's some observations of our English culture, positive and negative :-

+ we're renowned historically for our bulldog spirit (a never give up attitude, we come together well when we have to)
+ we get behind our national sport (especially our football)
- we're reserved, we hold back (except when it comes to football)
- we don't encourage enough and celebrate successes enough
- we're opinionated and judgmmental
- we're selfish
- we like to moan
(we like to moan about the weather, money, tax, council, government, health, car, house, boss in fact any kind of leader)

The Bible is full of people who were in adverse situations, negative culture and were written about because they were positive, overcoming, faith-filled in the midst of negativity.

In Numbers 13 & 14 is the story of 12 men sent to spy out a foreign land. Before they went they were told be of good courage.

When they returned all 12 spoke of how great the land was but 10 then with fear declared we can't do it. Their negative report inspired an army of moaning - it was contagious. When Caleb stood and said come on we can do it he was nearly stoned by the people.

Gods response was I don't want a negative people who don't trust in me I want a people like Caleb who have a different spirit who has fully followed me (Num 14: 24) another translation of the Bible says different attitude.

How do we be great people of faith & positivity?

From that story alone, here's how
quit moaning and complaining
fully follow God
learn to replace your moaning about life with being thankful to God.
when you thank someone you honour and recognise what they have done for you.
when you thank God you honour him and recognise what he has done for you.

Be thankful for your life, those in it and be thankful to God. The apostle Paul wrote these 2 great verses:-

'Don't worry abount anything, in everything pray & humbly beg with thankfullness let God know your requests, and the peace of God will guard your hearts and minds'
Phillipians 4: 6-7

'In everything give thanks, for this is Gods will for your life'
1 Thessalonians 5: 18

Paul learned to be thankful and if we can adopt those verses in our lives we will have a different spirit one that will be contagious and inspire a great culture wherever we are. CR

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