Hebrews 13: 4, Matthew 22: 37-40

Matt Deaville
Matt Deaville

It's good to talk, and more so teach, about practical things that affect our lifestyle and sex is undoubtedly a pertinent issue that affects us in some way.

I'm currently in a local high school with 2 other youth pastors from the city and earlier this year we talked about God to them, which most of them found difficult as it was a foreign concept to them. Since September we've been discussing with them practical issues they face and what God has to say about them. This they have found is far more tangible.

Last week we talked about sex with them and as we discussed, it was great to see not just a giggly response but one of recognising the relevance and importance it has on our lives.

You may be wondering what relevance Matthew 22 has in reference to sex, or maybe you thought it was purely the theme of love. But here's a principle of Christianity where the first thing asked of us by Jesus is to (v37) "love God with all your heart."

What do you give your heart over to?
When a person has sex, they make a commitment of the heart to that person,
one that should not be taken lightly and one that is designed for a long-term committed relationship (a covenant, an agreement), a marriage. Sex was designed for such a commitment to one person and Hebrews tells us that, "marriage is honourable among all and the marriage bed undefiled."

I've heard people say before, "the Bible doesn't directly tell us not to have sex before marriage it only talks of sexual immorality."

God instructs us here a best way, a best plan for sex - save it for marriage.

This flies in the face of 21st century secular culture which says sex is pleasurable so do it as much as possible. God says treat with respect and honour, as an enjoyable wedding gift.

If you're a young person who has yet to make a choice of who to give your heart and body to then listen to what God's plans are for you and always know that He has your best interests at heart.


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