Matthew 11: 25, 1 John 2: 28, Matthew 21: 14-17

Jesus' ministry was not restricted to adults. I don't know if you've ever thought about it like that before, but I know I certainly have. Sometimes I visualise the children sitting at Jesus' feet, hearing Him speak to their parents, completely unaware of how He changes lives...I know...and incase you've not guessed, I'm wrong.

I'm blessed with being in a church where there are loads of kids. Some with smiling faces, some with runny noses! Either way, its a great sight to see so many of them in church every Sunday.

This week was a going to be a different week at church. We were having a service which was aimed to please the kids. A different speaker, some different worship and even a completely different structure of service. I woke up on Sunday morning with this in mind and thought, "I'm not going to go this morning. It's not really for me and I'm bound to feel bored and possibly unaware of the presence of God. I'll stay in bed". However, after a shower and some breakfast, I changed my mind and decided to go anyway, just to see what everything was like. Am I glad I did.

So the service wasn't my cup of tea. So what?! The kids loved it. Not only that, but I saw some things on Sunday which changed my view entirely of being 'a child of God'. Why did Jesus say what He said in Matthew 11: 25? Here's a few reasons...

1. When kids are messy, they don't clean themselves up before they come to you.
No matter what state they are in, smiling face or runny nose, they still come. Isn't this how God wants His children? Whatever state we are in, God wants us to come to Him like the children go to their parents after Sunday school...running. God's grace is more than sufficient to do a clean up act.

2. When a child is hungry, he/she cries out for feeding. Isn't this how God wants us to be with His word? With His Spirit? When we are hungry to know more and to get closer to Him, we just have to cry out to Him. Just cry out to Daddy.

3. When I was growing up, I always wanted to be like my Dad. I watched him work, I watched him play, I even listened to him (sometimes!). In order to be like him, I had to spend time with him. Our Father in heaven wants us to be like Jesus, who was God on earth. How can we do that? Spend time with Him.

4. My uncle once showed me a magic trick (catching a ball in a paper bag, but the ball was invisible?!). I was fascinated. I was convinced it was magic and nothing else. You see, I didn't question what he was showing me because I didn't understand it. I didn't understand the way the trick worked and I didn't even try to. I was so in awe. The 'hows' and 'whys' are not important. But the willingness to believe, trust and be marvelled by God's wonder, is.

5. When a child is at play, nothing can disturb them. God wants to be our brand new action figure! He wants to be the blanket that we just won't put down! He wants to be the teddy bear that you can't sleep without! He wants us to be so focused on Him, that nothing can distract us. We shouldn't let whatever goes on around us, distract us from God.

These are just a few of many reasons why we can learn so much from the children. Their innocence, humility, trust and obedience is priceless. Our income, our appearance, our social status - none of them matter. It's for the reasons above that Jesus says that the children will see the secrets of the kingdom of God. A childlike faith is the path to righteousness.

As for me, I'm repenting that I even considered missing church this week. CR

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