Matthew 14: 22-32

I don't know about you, but whenever I imagine this scene in my mind, I picture the boat a good distance from the shore, but always imagine it to be peaceful. Verse 24 tells us that the boat was being flung about by the waves and the wind was against it. I've never been to Lake Galilee, which is where I presume this has taken place, but I do know this. Along the shores of one part of the lake, are series of pieces of land, which stick out into the waters. From one angle they create headland, the other they create gullies. The wind rushes in between these areas but is forced out onto the lake creating waves. Therefore, the boat would have been thrown around in the waves as the wind howled around it. It must have been quite terrifying for the disciples.

And yet Jesus walks on the water.

The water was not still and peaceful, but was crashing against the boat. The disciples seeing this were obviously afraid yet Jesus reassures them that it is Him and that they should not fear. Peter takes comfort in hearing the voice of his master and walks on the water to Jesus. However, it does not last. Peter is distracted by the wind and the waves around him and soon becomes fearful again. When this happens, he begins to sink and cries out for the Lords help, and immediately Jesus saves him.

I'm a keen footballer. I had an injury about this time last year, which looked like it was going to keep me off the pitch for about six weeks. I was really disappointed, as football was something I gave up on a Sunday morning to go to church, and God has repaid my faithfulness with a team at university. I had missed one match during the week, and one Saturday night I was at a prayer meeting. A great guy, from the USA, named Joe, was reading from the Bible when he felt God call him to pray for someone in the room. He asked the congregation if there was anyone with a knee injury.then he corrected himself and said a 'left knee injury'. It was me! I knew it. I stood up and hobbled to the front where Joe rested his hand on me and prayed for me. The pain disappeared immediately and I was amazed at God's power.

But the truth in the story came three months later. I was warming up for a football match and was praying. I asked God to give me good game as usual and asked for His blessing upon the match. I then said to myself, "I hope my knee lasts and doesn't fail on me". Instantly I felt pain. I became worried and anxious.before smiling and apologising. I had doubted God foolishly. I had asked and believed in His healing power but had not stuck to my initial prayers of thankfulness and praise. I said my sorry to God.and I played the game.

Don't bother pondering over the "ifs" and "maybes". God is love. He never gave one "if" or one "maybe" over whether to send His one and only son to die for you. He just did it. CR

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