Psalm 139:1-18

Valerie Elliot reflects on God being God of the whole world, but also God of the one.

Valerie Elliot
Valerie Elliot

As Christians, we all know that God is good. We even say it in catchy ways. "God is good, all the time! All the time, God is good!"

Our God is merciful, gracious, kind, loving, protective of us, mighty, ever-present, and so much more than words can describe.

There is so much that we experience in Him that we cannot fully articulate, and even when we try, we realise it would literally take a lifetime to express just how amazingly awesome He is.

How do we tell of His consistency to us, in spite of our flaky ways? His faithfulness even when we are unfaithful and faithless. His peace that keeps us through what we do not understand. And His very breath that holds every part of our being together.

We look at creation and gawk in awe of His creativity and power. The one who created everything, but was not Himself created! This God. Yahweh. Jehovah. The Almighty. The Most High God, is our God! What a joy! What a privilege!

Yes, our God. God of the whole world, but how easily we forget that He is also the God of the one.

He's the one who loves you personally and sees you every single moment. The one who sent His Son to redeem us all, with me in mind, and with you in mind.

It can sometimes feel like we are looking over the fence into the neighbour's garden and witnessing the faithfulness of God in their lives. Hearing their testimonies and seeing the manifestation of the blessing of the Lord in their lives. How wonderful it is to be reminded in real and practical ways of who He is and all He can do, but, we must never forget that He is our God too!

He does not release one size fits all answers to prayer, or measure time slots for us in His presence. He attends to each of us in very deeply personal ways that are unique to our lives. He sees us as individuals. He sees you! He knows you by name and attends to all that concerns you with your face before Him and your name on His lips.

He is the Creator of all that exists and our Heavenly Father. But He is also personally ours. Individually ours. He is your "whatever you need" that fits with His holy nature.

Take a moment to reflect on that.

He introduced Himself to Moses as "I Am." He simply IS!

What IS He to you?

What have you come to know Him as?

Take a moment to make it personal. "My Father, my Lord, my Joy, my Strength, my Life."

Here is a poem from my heart that could be a great reminder of the One who is always near.

Always Here
My Lord is always with me.
My God is always here.
He will always see me
and He will always care.
Because of this I know
I have no reason to fear.
My Father knows my every need,
My burdens are His to bear.
He is forever with me,
So close, His breath I hear.
I have so much to tell Him
I have so much to share.
He listens so intently
And wipes away each tear.
My Lord is always with me.
My God is always near.

Rest in the knowledge of His abiding presence, unfailingly love and faithfulness to YOU.

Father loves His Son, Jesus. Father loves the world. Father loves YOU! CR

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