Have you known the pain of someone you love dying from drugs, or being a Jekyll & Hyde personality through drugs & alcohol? Are you being tempted into trying drugs yourself or do you binge drink to dull the pain & memories? If you do, please pray for yourself here or for the person you know who you want to protect. Our God is so strong & powerful, turn to Him & fight for yourself & your loved ones.

If you or someone you know wants to break free of addictions, you can contact Gilead Foundations rehab.

Original Prayer

Trapped in Fear

I am currently struggling with obsessive/compulsive thinking, which leads to fear and becomes a vicious intense cycle. I have the world's label of OCD but believe it is a spiritual battle and am feeling VERY oppressed at the moment. I have been having suicidal thoughts, which I would not act on as God gave me life but I am feeling THAT bad. Pray that God will intervene in this situation and ultimately bring me deliverance, Pray for wisdom of how to spend my time each day (as I am a new mum and no set routine so I have lots of time to think at home - I then do not feel like doing anything), Pray that I will receive the sleep I need each night and that my baby will sleep well at night Pray that God will break the chains of this mental bondage and that if further specialised prayer or ministry is needed, He will provide it urgently, Pray that God will lift my mood and thinking to happy things and to grow in faith in Him - being able to fully surrender and trust Him, not my reasoning. Pray for my husband who is struggling to know how to support me and that he would have compassion and wisdom, Pray for a real knowledge of who I am in Christ and how to walk by faith (even if the thoughts are trying to get in) Pray for peace to stay upon me and joy to flood my soul. Thank you x

Submitted by Laura on 11 Nov 2013


Prayer for Laura

Father God I pray that you will minister to Laura and remove the spirit of fear from her. She has a new life to care for and desperately needs your help. Please let her know your Peace in body mind and spirit and come to know that you are always by her side and she only has to reach out and you will hold her hand and bring healing to her. I ask for strength for her husband and he too will be surrounded by your love and let you into his life. In Jesus name, Amen

Submitted by Marjorie on 27 Mar 2014


Father, it breaks my heart to read this prayer as I know it breaks Yours. Help this young family in their time of need and give them strength to overcome this spiritual battle they are in. Remind Laura that You are in control and the You love her with all Your heart. Give her the peace she craves for and break the chains she talks of - give her husband the strength and wisdom to comfort and guide Laura when she is troubled. I pray also that You will put the right people around them who can help when the going gets tough and offer spiritual support and guidance. In Jesus name, Amen

Submitted by snooky on 18 Nov 2013

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