Have you known the pain of someone you love dying from drugs, or being a Jekyll & Hyde personality through drugs & alcohol? Are you being tempted into trying drugs yourself or do you binge drink to dull the pain & memories? If you do, please pray for yourself here or for the person you know who you want to protect. Our God is so strong & powerful, turn to Him & fight for yourself & your loved ones.

If you or someone you know wants to break free of addictions, you can contact Gilead Foundations rehab.

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Pain med addiction

I'm 60 yrs old and can't go more than 3-4 days without self-medicating. I get them legally, but tell lie upon lie to by them from legitimate pharmacies. My spiritual life is spiralling down and it's killing me. I love Jesus but have let Him down so many times since I was first prescribed pain medicine. I want my life with Christ back, now!!!!! Please pray that I don't cause further destruction in my life and relationships. I've never admitted any of this to anyone. Withdrawal is so painful physically and emotionally. I'm so dreadfully tired of breaking the heart of the One who saved me. Thank you so much for your ministry!

Submitted by Dwayne on 14 Feb 2012


Pain med.addiction

Father God I pray that you will take control of the addiction to pain killers Dwayne is suffering.Help him in his time of need to reach for you and not the pills. Heal him from whatever is causing pain and give him the strength to pray to when he feels the need to take medication. In Jesus name, Amen

Submitted by Marjorie on 13 Jun 2013

Pain med addiction

hi Dwayne i just asked the Lord to show you His love and your worth to Him. i only had a nerve to pray because of what Jesus did for us, otherwise wouldn't have dared, as a sinner. i asked the Lord to give you something else instead. i will ask Him to give you better addictions, that are happy and fun. i will let you know of any ideas that could be of help to you. frances

Submitted by frances on 21 Oct 2012

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