Want to know God? Want a relationship with Him? God so wants those phone lines between us and Him open, He's made it extremely simple to do. If you will align yourself with Him to the point of confessing out loud to Him and others that Jesus is Lord and if you genuinely believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead that's it, the phone line's open. He's an awesome God who sees the heart and He hears our words.

So are you ready to become a Christian?

All you need to do is say this prayer, believing it in your heart (and then let someone else know what you've done). You could also add your own prayer here so you're saying it in your own words too if you want to. God wants to hear you!

"Jesus I so believe in you, that you are real, that you lived on earth and were crucified and then God raised you from the dead which was totally awesome.
It's just amazing that you died for me because of my sins. Please forgive me. I know I do and say things wrong. Wrong thoughts are even in my head too. I need your forgiveness and I really want a relationship with you. Please talk to me from today. Please guide me in my life. I'm handing over control to you as you're Lord. I want to live the amazing life you've got for me. I can't wait to get to know you. Amen."

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Original Prayer

Love, forgiveness and guidance

I am not what you would say a devout Christian, but for all of my life I have believed that someone is up there watching over us and checking we are ok. I have tried but never found the correct medium for contacting God, and foolishly I have let my life slip by without His guidance, warmth and love. This is a time I need to truly feel that the Lord is watching over me right now, and so i can ask for forgiveness and guidance I have found the love of my life; a feeling so certain it resounds out of every fibre in my body. However, I have lied to her, betrayed her trust and have jeopardised everything we have over my stupid fears and feelings of guilt and inadequacy. I pray to God for forgiveness for my sins, that my love will not feel ill of herself and that she still feels the love and connection we share. I want to feel the Lord's warmth, His guidance and to give myself fully to Him. I just fear I'm not worthy of Him or for her. How do I connect to you, Lord?

Submitted by Olly on 19 Jan 2011


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