Life isn't just about us. It's about other people too. This is a room for you to pray for other people and their situations, our government and leaders, anything that's not ourselves. Stand in the gap and shake heaven. Shoulder other people's burdens and care. Shout God's grace, goodness and provision for them. Pray God's heart.

Original Prayer

On going deep pain and suffering

Lord I am broken in so may ways. I can't hear so well and have hearing aids. I am over weight due to side effects of medicen that I have to take for my seriouse mental health conditions. I often long for you to take me home. I am full of repressed pain. You have never given me a marrige partner (I am hetrosexual) why have you left me for saken in so many ways. Mts my mother never calls me and my Dad and sister don't seem me so often. I live alone. When will things improve? My body hurts you can imagion my emotional pain. I have been tricked by and evil man who was a pastor that led me into the most damaging stuff imaginal. My ministers look horifyed when I tell the. My Dr looked scared for me. Oh God spair me living in a psyc ward all my life. I can't take so much more. Thank you God that you can turn it around. I still love you King of Kings Lord of Lord Thank you God you can turn it around an

Submitted by F J on 28 Nov 2017


Pain and suffering

Father God I lift up FJ to You Breaks my heart to hear her story as I know it breaks Yours. Lord I pray that as You speak into her life, into her situation, that she hears Your voice, she hears the comforting words of hope and encouragement that You have for her. We will always have people around us who disappoint, but never fail us Lord. Your love is unconditional and compassion is unfathomable. Please help FJ out of her despair and give wisdom to those she can trust to support her and help bring her through, In Jesus name, Amen

Submitted by Neil on 12 Dec 2017

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