Wandered away from God? Followed your own desires and suddenly found yourself at a distance? Or totally rebelled and turned your back on God? Ready to come back? Forgiveness, acceptance, love, hope, compassion, mercy. This is your God. His eyes are on you, His arms are open, always hoping, always waiting for you. Limp or run, crawl or stagger, your God ALWAYS wants you back.

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my life sucks

i am blind in one eye but life has always been difficult i was phsically abused by my dad and step dad and raped 5 times but found god at the age of 14 years old but carried on doing drugs till i was 23 years old i have kept wandering away from god and every year in august i have what i call a spiritual breakdown now i can see visions and prophecies but still sit on the fence cos i am too scared to fully commit to god

Submitted by cj on 8 May 2011


A prayer for cj

Lord jesus i pray for complete healling for cj i pray for your everlasting love to touch cj in a mighty way. i pray that you jesus will bring cj back to you. jesus i pray that you will heal cj from this spiritual breakdown. and bring cj back to you. in your name jesus i pray amen.

Submitted by jill on 18 Oct 2011

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