Wandered away from God? Followed your own desires and suddenly found yourself at a distance? Or totally rebelled and turned your back on God? Ready to come back? Forgiveness, acceptance, love, hope, compassion, mercy. This is your God. His eyes are on you, His arms are open, always hoping, always waiting for you. Limp or run, crawl or stagger, your God ALWAYS wants you back.

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Dear father, i feel so dead inside , i feel like ive never known you,the bad habits are slowly eating me up. please Lord revitalise my spirit i feel like awalking shell and its killing me , icant even bring myself to say asimple prayer, i want to go back to who i was in you but it feels like theres a gaping hole between you and i , revive me oh Lord.

Submitted by gloria on 16 Dec 2014



Heavenly Father I lift Gloria to You Lord Help her to know Lord that You are with her - in the big and the small, in the good and the bad, You never leave us! Help her to overcome her bad habits that trouble her. Restore her to the way You intended her to be, fill her with Your spirit that she may feel Your love and compassion, in Jesus name, amen Gloria, know that God wants You to speak to Him - cry out to Him in your pain....prayer is ritual - its discussion!! He knows what you are going through - He just needs you to discuss it with Him! Psalm 34:17-20

Submitted by snooky on 15 Jan 2015

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